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Dec 13, 2017

Hey Hamumians! I know this is not the site you expected to see! Unfortunately, our forums were hacked, and in order to contain this and make sure that we are fully secure from further intrusion, I've wiped out the site for now.

Our Site Was Hacked
Yes, hackers got in and accessed our database. However, this does not mean any important information of yours is in any danger. We don't store any of your personal information except what you put on the forum yourself, and your email address and username. WE HAVE NEVER STORED CREDIT CARD OR OTHER FINANCIAL INFORMATION ON OUR SITE. I want that to be clear. Also, your forum password is stored in a salted, hashed format, which means that they can't reasonably access it even with the information they got. However, just in case, I do recommend that you change this password on any other site, if you use the same password there. That's just good security (you should always use a different password for every site!).

Future of The Website
I've been thinking about what to do with this site in the future, because Vbulletin is a dangerous avenue for hackers to get in. I am considering getting a Vbulletin set up on a different site, so it doesn't connect to anything else. Of course, our entire site was built around the Vbulletin system - your forum login was how you did everything else on the site. So to remove the forum, I had to shut down the whole site. To be clear, that's something I have long been planning to do anyway. It's never good to be hacked, it's truly a horrible experience, but the existing site had a lot of problems, the biggest of which was how hard it was to maintain!

We do still have all of our data, it's not like it was destroyed or defaced as can sometimes happen with hacks. I just took it off the web so no further harm could be done.

As for what we're going to do with this site, at this point I have made no decisions. I have wanted something much simpler for a long time - just a blog, a forum, and the ability to get the games. None of this fancy clubhouse stuff. So I think that's where we're headed. How we get there, and how long it takes, is something of a mystery. I've never really been interested in running a website, I just want to make games. That's all I'm trying to do. So I will be looking to take as much load off of my shoulders as possible, and just make games. I hope you'll continue to follow my adventures even without a fancy website to do it at. It probably feels like Hamumu has disappeared because of the website, but the website isn't Hamumu, it's just a window that lets you look in at us. You can get rid of the window, but I'm still working inside the sweatshop. It's just hotter and sweatier inside without the nice ventilation. Too much metaphor?

Chat With Friends
There is still an option to keep in touch with your fellow Hamumians!! Come visit the Semi-Official Discord Chat to keep the party going.

I Need A Download
Obviously with the site down, we can't do replacement downloads right now. What we are doing is one step better... we're making all of our old games free! That's going to take time, but see the top of this page for links to the ones that are ready so far.

Development Update
We are still working on Robot Wants It All, the compilation of Robot Wants games. It is going well! I hope to show you more about it, as soon as I have a place to do the showing! I would suggest you follow @Hamumu on Twitter, as that's the place I will definitely at least put a link to anything new I do. I promise you won't miss out on anything if you're following that!

- Mike Hommel, Marshmallow Head
email: jamul@hamumu.com
twitter: @Hamumu
instagram: Mikehamumu
discord: Come to the Loonychat
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