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Hamumu Games, Inc.
4500 Williams Dr.
Suite 212-255
Georgetown, TX 78633

Hamumu Software was founded in 1998, in San Luis Obispo, California. Since then, we've moved to San Diego, CA, then to Temecula, CA, then Anza, CA, and at last we are in Georgetown, TX. We are also no longer Hamumu Software - We're Hamumu Games, Inc. Hamumu Games is Mike Hommel - a one-man operation. I do everything, which explains why new releases seem to take a while! I have contracted out music to other parties on many occasions, and art on a couple of occasions, but even the games that include art by others is mostly my own. Other than that, everything is my own - including tech support, the web site, any marketing that may or may not ever occur, the books and finances, and anything else you can imagine. It's a ton of work, but it's all my own with nobody hanging over my head, so it's my dream job, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Because it is my own business, I'm free to do things how I see fit. That means I make many decisions that aren't the most profitable, because they're right. I treat customers how I wish companies would treat me. So there is no spam, ever. The customer service is always as prompt as possible and thorough, and doesn't treat you like an idiot. Checkboxes aren't pre-checked to trick you into signing up for things, even if that means I get fewer sign ups. Every little detail like that. I won't do all those little things companies do to squeeze you, because I don't want that treatment myself.

So why do I always refer to Hamumu as "we"? It's not incipient senility. Rather, it's two things. First, it's hard not to - it's a company, so "we" just sounds right. Secondly, it's not really just me. I am backed by an army of incredible fans who have helped me every step of the way, including people like World Tester Guy who is effectively an unpaid employee. He tests every Dr. Lunatic add-on that is sent in, a suffering that is hard for you to imagine, since you only see the ones that pass muster. There are others who have been instrumental in testing games, an amazing group who did a ton of the Supremizing for Supreme With Cheese, and of course the dozens of builders who built all those worlds that are included in Supreme With Cheese. Then there are the people who make wikis and websites with help, the people who've made graphics that ended up in the games (especially Mark Stevens, who did a lot of the art for Loonyland), and on and on. And let's not forget the unending support of Solange Hommel, or Sol Hunt as she's known around here. Besides giving me support every day, she is invaluable with design ideas and talking things over, making a lot of the sound effects, and testing before anyone else.

None of it could've been done if it was really just me alone! Thanks guys!
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