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Add-Ons For Stockboy
Click on an add-on name to download it. Run the downloaded file, and it will be added to your game, and can be selected in-game. Add-ons only function with the full version of the game.

All the add-ons here link to the same file... they are all contained in one tiny file! Download it once and enjoy!

DateAdd-On NameRatingAuthor
1/3/11Cavernous AdventuresBy SpaceManiac
9/3/10CrittertownUnratedBy HappyStikBeaver
7/8/10Amaze'n SPISPOPDUnratedBy Megadog
10/1/09Creature FeatureUnratedBy Harry Needham
4/7/09EvilopolisUnratedBy Harry Needham
2/10/09Dude World SBBy Cyberclone42
10/7/04Castle Craziness Part 1By Coolguy
10/7/04Castle Craziness Part 2By Coolguy
9/2/04Land Of InventionsBy Coolguy
5/11/04Happy's LevelsUnratedBy Happy
5/11/04Amber's LevelsUnratedBy Amber
4/9/04Ham Ham Fun WorldBy Jamul
8/30/02Nate's LevelsUnratedBy Nathaniel
7/16/02PIGGY ZONE!!!By The Emperor Master
6/11/02Leftovers Anyone?UnratedBy TDM
6/11/02Lisa's LevelsUnratedBy Lisa
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