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Add-Ons For Supreme With Cheese
Click on an add-on name to download it. Run the downloaded file, and it will be added to your game, and can be selected in-game. Add-ons only function with the full version of the game.

DateAdd-On NameRatingAuthor
7/3/05Goofy GroveBy PurpleKoopa
2/22/05BuffyworldBy Regeneratorizer
12/1/05Halloween Horror 6 - HRBy Hammered
12/24/07Underground Of CavernsBy Knittel
1/19/06Monthly Merge 7: Massive MergeBy 5 Massive Superstars
9/17/06Scary SkiesBy Coolguy
2/2/05Bunny LandBy Andrew
1/6/10Halloween Horror 10 - LMBy Mossysox
5/6/10Bonster MalachitBy Knittel
7/2/06[Name Here]By Boyd
8/16/04Attack Of The ThingiesBy BryanSNK
8/4/04Senseless SummerBy Andrew
2/22/05ShipwreckedBy BryanSNK
11/15/05The ArcadeBy Nebro-Gubular SpisBoy
7/3/05Summer Silliness 2By Bofupa, Andrew, Blackmyth, Dave Hettel, Hammered, CatWoman, Justin, Mr.Zee, WackieWatty
6/15/05Monthly Merge 2: Musical MergeBy 7 Crazy People
6/2/05Captured!By BryanSNK
8/1/05Wasted WetlandsBy PurpleKoopa
8/15/05Monster EvolutionBy Death
5/16/05Monthly Merge 1: MaydayBy 10 Crazy People
8/25/05Old FactoryBy Pizza
4/6/05EasterBy Bofupa
4/6/05Stealth ManiaBy General Josh
4/6/05Prehistoric PerilBy Coolguy
3/21/05ShipmentsBy Bofupa
10/31/10Halloween Horror 11By SpaceManiac, Pewskeepski, Redbone, Kerma
4/5/04Bouapha On IceBy Andrew
9/26/06A Wacky Country-side!By Loony Supreme
9/26/06Captured! - The Evil LabBy BryanSNK
10/1/06Loony PilotBy Pete
12/1/06The Eerie ForestBy Boyd
11/16/06Field Of ScreamsBy Tim Weaver
10/1/06Desert DaresBy Jordo
11/4/03Happyland Adventures (Supreme Edition)By Jack darby
12/20/03Halloween Horror 4 - TGBy Pantsofpower
10/31/10Goofy Grove 2: Nature's FinestBy PurpleKoopa
1/18/08Pumpkin Pop PartyBy Redbone
10/28/04Music For HH5-PMBy SpiderPumpkin, (Warning: this is 10MB!)
10/9/03Supreme Demo Worlds PackBy Jamul, Lisa
5/2/06Bouapha Vs. Dr. LunaticBy Redbone
10/31/10The SearchBy GESYes
9/1/06Dr. Puzzle 2By Redbone
9/4/08Jungle Madness!By ERROR
10/1/08SollieBy BryanSNK
3/1/07Death MergeBy Death, 5 Others
1/26/06ThingeriaBy Death, 5 Others
4/7/08Lunachick's Quest: Crazy CastleBy Redbone
1/16/07The BIG TestBy Lord Loony
1/18/08Bonster PyritBy Knittel
10/30/07Befuddling Halloween ExperienceBy Coolguy
7/7/08Summer Silliness 5By Blackduck, Qwertybub3, Pumpkinbob, SpaceManiac
9/3/10Sleepless CastleBy Pewskeepski
9/17/05Monthly Merge 5: Mental MergeBy 12 of Hamumu's Personalities
10/30/07Among The CloudsBy EGZ
10/31/09Siege The CastleBy Blackduck
10/1/09Summer Silliness 6By SpaceManiac, Boyd
10/6/03Supreme Original Add-Ons PackBy Lots Of People! (all the old add-ons, packed up for Supreme)
5/1/08Bonster CalcitBy Knittel
10/28/04Halloween Horror 5By WackieWatty, SpiderPumpkin, McMonkeyMcBean, Npman5, Mr.Zee, Lisa, Jordo, Joey Nally, Janice, Hammered, Coolguy, Bp, BryanSNK, Boogie Bunny, Andrew, Bofupa
9/26/06Duck Army StrongholdBy Ducklegion
7/22/05SpamumuBy Hammered
10/1/06Luigi's PizzeriaBy Pizza
10/31/09HalloweeniaBy Bowserfan
1/6/09Winter Wackiness 7 - CSBy CyberSonic
8/15/05Monthly Merge 4: Mystery MergeBy 9 Mysterious Entities
4/6/09EvilopolisBy Harry Needham
3/25/04Nuclear BeachBy Jordo
4/6/09Monster HotelBy VictoriaRose
7/23/04Zoid MonstersBy Bofupa
3/25/04PotluckBy Twilight
9/17/06World Of BossesBy Loony Supreme
12/1/05Wolf DenBy Redbone
5/6/10Lake ChamplainBy EMiester1130
3/21/05Deja VuBy Hammered, Dave Hettel
2/4/08Dumb Universe 1By Knittel, Redbone, Hammer Up!
10/6/05HamumuBy Bofupa
12/1/08Bouapha's ApartmentBy Writerstix
1/5/10Around Bouapha's TownBy Writerstix
11/19/03The GauntletBy Devon
9/3/10A Snowy WastelandBy BigCrocks
5/6/10BoboilBy Blackduck, Moltanem2000, and Kerma
10/31/08CheeseworldBy King Krazy
2/25/08The Underwater LabBy Robot
2/25/08Haunted GraveyardBy Robot
7/22/05Dr. Lunatic RevisitedBy Mr.Zee, Jordo
11/16/06Confusing Crazy CavernsBy Mr.Onion
8/25/05Pumpkinia SupremeBy Death
8/1/05The Mega ChallengeBy General Josh
10/31/06Supreme SurvivalBy MadBob006
11/16/06Forest ExpeditionBy ERROR
2/25/08Four SeasonsBy ThompsonMommy
3/17/06Monthly Merge 9: Mikey MergeBy 8 Mikey Minions
5/2/06Driving 102By Boyd
5/22/06InventiveBy Roland
7/4/07Summer Silliness 4 (10MB!)By Hamumufan, CatWoman, Mossysox, Mr.Zee, Qwertybub3
9/26/06Sand, Grass, Water, And LavaBy Bofupa
4/1/07Bouapha In ToylandBy Puffazoid
4/1/07Monthly Merge 15: Midnight M.By 4 Brave Nights
9/17/06Super Fun Death PackBy Death
9/26/06StockboyBy Bofupa
3/1/06Spooky Castle With CheeseBy Dave Hettel
12/29/06Winter Wackiness 5By Jordo, MadBob006, Qwertybub3
10/1/06Bouapha's Trip To The FutureBy MadBob006
2/18/06Alien LandBy Boyd, Redbone
10/1/06Variety PackBy Wesley
2/1/07SnowtopiaBy Rtys
1/18/08Prince Of Hamumu 2By Knittel
12/24/07Winter Wackiness 6By Hammer Up!, Knittel, Qwertybub3, BryanSNK, Blackduck
12/24/07Prince Of HamumuBy Knittel
10/30/07Halloween Horror 8By Hammer Up!, Pizza, Qwertybub3, SpaceManiac, SpiderPumpkin
10/31/08Halloween Horror 9By Hammer Sideways, Kerma, Qwertybub3, SpaceManiac, Writerstix
6/21/04Angelo's PizzaBy Joey Nally
8/3/09Realm Duels XtremeBy DBAce9Aura
7/23/04Summer Silliness PackBy Bofupa, Bp, Coolguy, Joey Nally, Jordo, Justin, JT, Jamul
8/3/09Puzz Adventures: Castle Smash!By Revolution
4/2/14A Quick AdventureBy Jordo
8/4/04Super Fun Six PackBy Coolguy
2/14/05Valentine's DayBy Bofupa
1/28/05Patchwork QuiltBy Hammered
10/29/13Summer Silliness 9 - BDBy Boyd
6/3/09Lunatic Research FacilityBy Androgeos Exeunt
10/2/1020x20By Crabwarrior
4/6/05April Fool's DayBy Bofupa
5/16/05Amazin' SPISPOPDBy Bofupa
1/3/11Winter Wackiness 9 - ECBy Poopsie
8/30/04Angelo's Pizza: Party EditionBy Joey Nally
3/25/04Dr. Lunatic's CastleBy Jordo
10/12/03Loony IcelandBy Jordo
6/14/04Lava CaveBy Bofupa
5/16/05Clancy Drew, DetectiveBy CatWoman
2/22/05InsanasylumBy Regeneratorizer
6/15/05Hammer DownBy CatWoman
8/3/09Evilopolis 2By Harry Needham
10/6/03Looney RacersBy Greenswampdog
5/6/10Bouapha's Cave CrisisBy Writerstix
6/2/05Fairy Tale FreakinessBy Coolguy, Hammered, Mr.Zee, WackieWatty
6/3/09The BankBy Sonicchaos1993
12/24/07Hamumu HotelBy L156a21
9/17/06Mt. EruptusBy AtkinsSJ
7/2/06Dr. PuzzleBy Redbone
9/17/05Boss WorldBy Death
10/30/07Play As?By Knittel
12/1/08Double WorldBy BunnyBot 5000, Revolution
8/3/09Castle Of LunacyBy Hammer Up!
1/3/05Shop WorldBy Bofupa
2/25/08WWWorldBy ElMikkino
5/6/10SpookitonBy HappyStikBeaver
6/14/04LavalandBy Coolguy
6/2/04Urban ChaosBy Coolguy
5/1/08The VillageBy Eldest
8/28/04CabinsBy Bofupa
10/31/08LOST IslandBy Writerstix
1/16/07Driving 103By Boyd
9/1/05Driving 101By Boyd
11/16/06Monthly Merge 12: Movie MergeBy Seven L. Jacksons
4/2/14Summer Silliness 8 - RPBy Pewskeepski
10/31/06Halloween Horror 7By Jordo, MadBob006, McMonkeyMcBean, Qwertybub3, Redbone, Wesley
1/3/11Summer Silliness 7 - FRBy Felixrain
1/6/09Hamumu WarsBy L156a21
4/21/05Scout CampBy Janice
12/15/04Urban Chaos 3By Coolguy
10/30/07Bunny WorldBy SpaceManiac
10/31/11Halloween Horror 12By HappyStikBeaver, SpaceManiac, Megadog
6/3/09Realm DuelsBy DBAce9Aura
6/3/09The Poker BuddiesBy ERROR
10/1/08Kerma's UniverseBy Kerma
12/1/08Dreamy DesertBy Ownt
6/2/04Cccooolll!By Bofupa
10/31/03Halloween Horror Pack 4 (Supreme)By Bp, The Emperor Master, Jordo, Lisadash, Lisa, SpiderPumpkin
12/24/07Monsters!By Hammer Up!
1/16/07The Box FactoryBy CyberSonic, Redbone
1/16/07Adventures In WhateverBy Puffazoid
11/16/06So Much Snow!By Keenan
6/2/04Out BackBy Bofupa
6/2/04Clear MonstersBy Bofupa
10/30/10Hollow HalloweenBy Pewskeepski
10/31/06Evolution GardenBy Loony Supreme
2/1/07Monthly Merge 13: Maze MergeBy 8 Amazing Folks
1/3/05School DaysBy Bofupa
3/21/05Night And DayBy Bofupa
2/25/08ForestopiaBy Rtys
12/1/05DumbopolisBy ScienceGuy
1/3/08Winter Wackiness 6 - LMBy Mossysox
12/24/07Bouapha PlanetBy Hammer Up!
5/6/05Hotel LoonyBy Bofupa
2/2/06A Bit Of This & A Bit Of ThatBy NickR
2/18/06Monthly Merge 8: Mindmelt MergeBy 5 Minds
7/16/05Monthly Merge 3: Mini-MergeBy 12 Unique Individuals
1/5/10Winter Wackiness 8By Writerstix, Ninja Warrior
8/28/04Cactus CountryBy Justin
5/1/08The Forest PlaceBy Pumpkinbob
6/1/06Random FatBy Pete
5/22/06Monthly Merge 10: Meticulous MergeBy 7 Meticulous Mortals
8/28/04Bouapha In WonderlandBy Coolguy
10/6/04Mall WorldBy Bofupa
5/6/05TeenylandBy Pantsofpower
1/6/09Aquatic EntranceBy DBAce9Aura
8/2/10Only PumpkinsBy Writerstix
5/1/07MorphedBy Julian
1/3/11Haunted ShadowsBy Loe151
8/28/04Boogie ManBy Bunny Bogie
10/30/07Destroy And DestroyBy Hammer Up!
11/15/05Monthly Merge 6: Monstrous MergeBy 7 Monstrous Fiends
12/24/07WH@7!By Dagamer
1/5/10A Squiddy ChristmasBy Peter Wakeman
10/31/09Halloween Horror 10By Sonicchaos1993, Writerstix, SpaceManiac
12/24/07Pumpkin DimensionBy Hammer Up!
1/26/06It's A Confusing WorldBy Nebro-Gubular SpisBoy
10/31/05Halloween Horror 6By Boyd, BryanSNK, Coolguy, Josh Murphy, Jamul, Mr.Onion, McMonkeyMcBean, PurpleKoopa, SpiderPumpkin
10/30/07Multi WorldsBy Hammer Up!
12/1/08Woods Of WestwoodBy Writerstix
8/2/10Mush ForestBy Megadog
8/2/10Another Boring WorldBy xenu
5/6/10Easy Brains, Hard CandlesBy Writerstix
12/1/08Shadow LandBy Ownt
12/15/04World Without EndBy RebeccaN
3/1/07Monthly Merge 14: Madlib MergeBy 4 Mad Librarians
1/9/04Desert MadnessBy Boss Zero
12/24/07AI LabBy Hammer Up!
10/31/09Bouapha's Halloween ExperienceBy Kerma
1/7/08Bouapha In The Lost WorldBy Hammer Up!
1/26/06Halloween Horror 6 - RDBy Redbone
6/2/04Bouapha's NightmareBy Kaven Caballero
2/2/05Neat WorldBy Bofupa
7/19/06Monthly Merge 11: Moomoo MergeBy 3 Moops
9/4/08Summer Silliness 5 - SSBy Supersilver
1/3/11Cheacher's ShowdownBy ERROR
10/2/10Summer Silliness 7 - RPBy Pewskeepski
7/23/04Lakestone ParkBy Joey Nally
4/13/05Merging TrafficBy 10 Crazy People!
8/16/04dullBy Joey Nally
1/3/05It's A Mutant WorldBy Joey Nally
3/14/05Dr. Lunatic's DemiseUnratedBy Chris
2/22/05Wet WaterUnratedBy Bofupa
1/3/05PigmytonUnratedBy Bofupa
4/6/06Random MergeUnratedBy Pizza, Redbone, Death
1/12/05Spring BreakUnratedBy CatWoman
2/22/05Nut HouseUnratedBy Bofupa
1/3/05Company Co.UnratedBy Bofupa
1/12/05Pygmy Island 2UnratedBy Bofupa
2/2/05MinecartsUnratedBy Doug
1/12/05CyberiaUnratedBy Coolguy
1/3/05Weird HouseUnratedBy Bofupa
3/14/05WeirdsconsinUnratedBy McMonkeyMcBean
1/3/05Winter Wackiness 3UnratedBy Bofupa, BryanSNK, Coolguy, Hammered, Justin, Lisa, McMonkeyMcBean, SpiderPumpkin, WackieWatty, AtkinsSJ
7/23/04JungliaUnratedBy Coolguy
6/21/04Urban Chaos 2UnratedBy Coolguy
6/14/04Quest For OrbsUnratedBy Devon Rose
4/5/04Seasons And MoreUnratedBy Evan Zook
3/25/04The Grim GraveyardUnratedBy Pantsofpower
3/25/04Dark ForestUnratedBy Pantsofpower
3/25/04Weird SeasonsUnratedBy Bofupa
3/25/04Crumbly CastleUnratedBy Pantsofpower
7/23/04Mixed Up LevelsUnratedBy Justin
8/28/04Candles Of The DesertUnratedBy BryanSNK
12/15/04Zoo ZaninessUnratedBy Coolguy
12/15/04To Grandfather's House We GoUnratedBy Janice
4/5/04Idiotic Forest 2UnratedBy Jack darby
12/15/04Vacation AcresUnratedBy McMonkeyMcBean
12/15/04Nasty Bad WorldUnratedBy Eric
10/6/04For Becky & ZoeUnratedBy Daddy
10/1/04Monster PowerUnratedBy Bogie Bunny
8/28/04Forest WorldUnratedBy Bofupa
11/19/03Underwater BeachUnratedBy Devon
3/14/05The WorldUnratedBy Bofupa
12/1/06Cave ExpeditionUnratedBy ERROR
7/2/06Monster ReunionUnratedBy Fitzygirl
4/1/07DesertopiaUnratedBy Rtys
7/2/06Crazy WorldUnratedBy Fitzygirl
7/2/06Tropical IslandUnratedBy Winor
5/1/07Cavernous Caves IIUnratedBy Unknown Author
5/1/07Dimension VUnratedBy Winor
5/22/06Job SearchUnratedBy ERROR
10/4/07Pygmy Island 3UnratedBy Winor
3/1/06Loony LabsUnratedBy PurpleKoopa
2/2/06It's A Scary WorldUnratedBy Redbone
7/2/06Summer Silliness 3UnratedBy Mr.Onion, Roland, Redbone
2/1/07Winter Wackiness 5 - JBUnratedBy Joshua B.
8/25/05The Time TwisterUnratedBy Boyd
1/16/07Winter Wackiness 5, Part 2UnratedBy Bofupa, ERROR, PlasmaCannonsRule
10/31/06Emerald EmpireUnratedBy Lelacdescygnes
10/1/06Race For BrainsUnratedBy Qwertybub3
10/1/06LostUnratedBy WackieWatty
1/16/07Pumpkin IslandUnratedBy Redbone
9/26/06World OneUnratedBy Bofupa
9/26/06Super SmallUnratedBy Bofupa
9/26/06Desert SandUnratedBy Bofupa
2/1/07Ice ExpeditionUnratedBy ERROR
1/26/06Mission: LunacyUnratedBy Martin
1/26/06Eagles PathUnratedBy NickR
12/24/07Destroy And Destroy 2UnratedBy Hammer Up!
8/1/05Return To Monster TownUnratedBy WackieWatty
7/8/05Itsy Bitsy WorldUnratedBy PurpleKoopa
5/16/05Desert DuelUnratedBy Blackmyth
5/16/05The Hot DesertUnratedBy Dave Hettel
12/1/05Maze MadnessUnratedBy Bofupa
5/6/05Land Of LightUnratedBy McMonkeyMcBean
4/21/05Cobweb CastleUnratedBy Pantsofpower
4/6/05Bedtime StoriesUnratedBy CatWoman
4/6/05Obscurity ClearanceUnratedBy Hammered
3/21/05Monster TownUnratedBy WackieWatty
8/25/05Da BonesUnratedBy Boyd
9/1/05Creepy CavesUnratedBy Boyd
1/18/06Gloomy ForestUnratedBy Pizza
1/18/06Winter Wackiness 4 - RBUnratedBy Redbone
1/2/06Winter Wackiness 4UnratedBy Chaucer, Coolguy, Hammered, Janice, Pizza
12/1/05The Lunatics Strike BackUnratedBy Redbone
12/1/05Loony GuyUnratedBy Redbone
12/1/05Desert DominixUnratedBy Redbone, Coolguy, Infinitehammer
11/1/05UncomplicatedUnratedBy Boyd
10/6/05Space WorldUnratedBy Bofupa
10/6/05Idiom's Guide To Dr. LunaticUnratedBy Janice
9/1/05Happy Ice Cream LandUnratedBy PurpleKoopa
3/21/05Minecarts 2UnratedBy Bofupa
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