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  Where have I been all my life!? 07:11 PM -- Tue September 11, 2018  

Hey gang, a month and a week later, I am back with more bloggy words! I have no particular excuses for my absence. I've just been plugging along on the same-old same-old, and didn't feel like working on my blog! That's something I want to try to improve upon, but then, so are a lot of things - my health, my work, my board games, my ukulele playing, and so on. Doesn't mean it'll happen. But I intend to try!

Robot Wants It All is coming along really well. At this point, I'd say what remains is most of Robot Wants Justice, which is still in pretty early stages, most of Robot Wants Ice Cream which has just barely been ported (you can currently roam around in the level, but can't use any of your abilities, so it's quite limited), and a couple of other minor elements - some achievements, some bonus features, some of the extra maps (only a couple of those though!). It feels like we're really getting there now.

Oh, and of course I have been streaming the development of that game (will do again later today) at Twitch.tv/hamumugames, usually twice a week, so come on by and watch me work. Watching someone program (or do pixel art, or level design) is not interesting to everybody, but you never know until you try! I like to chat with the viewers and get ideas from them as well. Plus you get to see the game as it develops. If you subscribe to my Twitch channel, it will notify you when I start streaming (which I try to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

I have lots of other things to tell you about, since I haven't blogged in forever, but let's just save those for another day, so I have reason to come back. See you soon, internet!
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