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  Website fun 08:13 PM -- Thu August 7, 2003  

So, it's been up for half a day now. There were a few scary moments, but things seem to be in the clear now. We've had several orders, which all worked out fine (a big fear of mine was whether the order system would really work... I wrote most of the code myself!), so it would seem we are in business! I'm glad to get this out of the way and cut down my number of full time jobs to two - Supreme and artwork for a friend's game.
I sent out the newsletters today, which is always nice. The monthly one was a little late (it's supposed to go out on the first, really), but I wanted to hold it off until the website was up. I just have to say... this is such a relief, to have this thing done and out there. And on top of that, we're now selling everything ourselves, shipping orders ourselves... it's a new era for Hamumu, where we're really taking charge of everything, and stuff is just only getting better! It's great!
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  YIKES! 12:09 AM -- Thu August 7, 2003  

Well, the new site is up as of right this second. I'm not announcing it on the newsletter just yet, let's see if we can find all the kinks... so far there's some really wacky graphics on the company page that need fixing, and a broken image in the sneak peeks. Not too terrible! Let's hope that's all that turns out to be broken! Please bear with us as we make the transfer to the new setup. Isn't it awesome!???

The only page we haven't got up yet is the About Us page, which I should have ready by this weekend. So enjoy and explore!
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  Sneak Peek: Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese 02:50 AM -- Tue August 5, 2003  

Kind of a lame shot, but it is what I'm currently working on - if you're familiar with the Spooky Forest, then this should be a happy shock to you! This is the hub level of the new and improved Spooky Forest. As you can see, it doesn't all fit on one screen, and there's all kinds of new things you'll just have to see to believe. The original 5 worlds are being heavily overhauled. That green X is the new version of the infamous red X. It's green now.
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  Sneak Peek: Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese 02:41 AM -- Tue August 5, 2003  

Whaaa? you say! This doesn't look like Dr. Lunatic! This is an arcade game you can gain access to in the SpisMall. It's pretty darn cool as you can see. It's not really the most compelling gameplay ever, but it's totally mesmerizing to watch the lava flow. This, however, is level 41, which is FAR beyond any level you'd ever see in real play. I just made it start on that level to get a shot of a whole lot of lava. The lava in motion is great, it drips, flows, and sizzles and pops. The tiny little blue tidbit on this screen is the player, shooting a blast of water from his water cannon. It's dousing some lava and creating a little bit of steam. He's hopelessly doomed though. Big time. I can say no more about this game! You will simply have to play it with your hard earned coins!
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  PS 12:34 AM -- Mon August 4, 2003  

Notice the timestamp on these entries. 5:30 PM on a Sunday, and I've been working since 9 AM. The things I do for you people!

Just kidding... I do it because otherwise I wouldn't make any money. Hopefully it's entertaining a few people along the way. Speaking of which, Sol Hunt has graced us with a couple new Stupid Comics to inaugurate the new site! Enjoy!
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  Web design is hard! 12:31 AM -- Mon August 4, 2003  

I'm sad - I just had to delete a really cool logo for the home page of the site. It featured the Yeti Bros., Sven and Bjorn, on either side of the word Hamumu Software. But alas, it was too big of a file - modem users would have taken a long time to download it. It's for the best that it's gone, I suppose, because it was also quite big on screen, which made things a little cluttered. I hope the replacement, the simple austere beauty of Hamumu, is nice as well.

It's so hard, because there are just so many ways to do everything, and little tweaks I'd love to try, but it's just overwhelming - I could spend a year on just one page trying different ideas. But you just have to decide what to do and go with it. This site is sort of a mish-mash of that. You'll find different layouts in each section, though they all follow the same basic philosophy. I don't think it's confusing, but hopefully it also provides visual interest, since each tab leads to another set of wacky images. Hope it's not crushing modem users! Just a few more pages to go, and this thing is done!
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  Another entry! 12:40 AM -- Mon July 28, 2003  

Wheee! This is just like blogging! Now Solee's come home and I'm showing her the site so far.
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  First Entry 05:38 PM -- Mon July 21, 2003  

Let's give this a go... is the new system working here or not?
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