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  Random(MAX_INT); 07:10 PM -- Tue March 15, 2005  

So many random thoughts swirling about...

I have so very not worked in Sol Hunt in like a week and a half. To be fair, I have been super busy with other things (setting up our new order system and CD stuff - which is still not done, but I have to wait for the sample CD to arrive to see if it's okay), but I've also been avoiding it. It's hard! And I'm stuck-ish! I'm thinking about forgetting the internet stuff at least temporarily, and just get the basic gameplay running, hopefully architected somewhat towards potentially being internetable, but mainly just WORKING, so there's something to play, and something to get me interested in working on it again. Heaven help me, yesterday I thought up an alternate version of Sol Hunt I could be doing!

I'm trying to learn guitar. Well, as of yesterday. I've certainly fiddled with them enough. My wife has a guitar, and this "learn to play" book which involves doing 10 minutes of exercises a day, over a very long period of time. I hope I will stick with it enough to get some measure of control. It's cool. I want to learn music theory in general, as I do love music very much.

I'm a vegetarian. I have been for probably 2 years now, maybe just 1.5 years, I don't know. And you know, I'm really glad I'm a vegetarian. There's so many upsides. There's one big downside: no yummy ham. But that is actually also an insidious upside - I'm a suburban white male American from an upper-middle-class family. It improves my brain to actually experience "doing without". It still hasn't managed to put a dent in my extreme laziness (ooh, something for the next paragraph!), but there's just something to it. To be deprived... it's character-building. You know, it's like taking away your security blanket and realizing you can live without it. I really like meat, but I sure don't need it. And deciding for myself that I won't eat it is empowering. It also means never worrying about what might be lurking in the scratches on our cutting boards!

Laziness comment: I have a book called "Following Through" sitting on a bookshelf with a bookmark in it at about the halfway point. That bookmark hasn't moved in years. That's a funny anecdote if you think about it (and possibly one I've put on this Journal before, sorry if I did). I'm thinking about picking it up again though, because I could sure use some kind of instruction on how not to be lazy. It's a real problem for me, because I've only ever held one real job in my life, and that was only for about 9 months... and it was NOT a demanding job. But here I am, an indie, and I live or die by my own work now. So being unlazy would be of great benefit to me. The problem is, books that tell you how not to be lazy tend to be new-agey claptrap that I just laugh at (they may be super useful, but the message is lost on me when I giggle and point). I don't want to invigorate my transfiguration potentiality... I just want to get things done! Come to think of it, there's a book called Getting Things Done. Maybe I should look at it. How do you make yourself do things?

*Note: I wrote this nice long entry to avoid doing work!
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