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  Been A While 01:07 AM -- Sat August 25, 2007  

Still WoWless. Things have been very hectic as the school year starts up simultaneously with the start of our friendly local tutoring business (the not-updated tutortemecula.com - if you're a Temeculan, come get help lernin' your thinkin'!). I help out with that stuff, and get root canals and crowns, repair the pipe that brings water to our house (which I broke), work on the website... that sort of thing! There's always something keeping me from having plans.

But I'm here talking to you today to tell you this: I'm turning over a new leaf! This leaf. You can't see it, but it's here, and I'm turning it over. In the process, I'm starting another of my famous schedules. If you don't know, those are where I make a chart of how I'm going to spend my time (or sometimes make up a game, like getting points for doing things I should - but this time it's a chart), and then I stick to it religiously! For a week. So that's what I'm doing. Now that school is started, and hopefully emergency situations are all behind me, life can get more patterned instead of random insanity.

I actually created my schedule on Wednesday. Then it was blown on Thursday when I had to go into town for the dentist, and blown today when I had to fix the water pipes if I was in the mood to flush toilets and use showers and drink. But again, we'll say the emergencies are behind us, and life can be normal starting on Monday.

As for the website, lots of good things done there. Nothing amazing and new, but more and more pages getting set up in the new site, and more of the basic features coming together. Now the Contact Us page automatically fills in your email address if you're logged in. That's handy for all the people who keep sending me things from invalid addresses. Always a treat to write out a lengthy reply to someone and then see it bounce back! I'll soon have that implemented for the journal and sneak peek too, so when you want to comment, it'll just be a pop and a bobbin and bob's your uncle. Or whatever.

Bonus: a poem I composed in the shower:

Terrible Torgenson,
he built a house.
But the house that he built
was the size of a mouse!
People came by,
and they all asked him, "Why?
Is this a house for a housefly?"

So Torgenson said,
that in journals he'd read,
as you age, you decrease in height.
So according to him,
It was not just a whim -
When he's 90, it will fit just right!

Don't you just want a book of such gems? Maybe you can get one someday!
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