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  Downtime Warning! 02:58 PM -- Wed December 30, 2009  

Hello all. It seems we are ending the year with a bang, and hopefully not a bad one, as the server undergoes an OS upgrade tomorrow (December 31st) at 9AM PST. That's 12PM EST, and whatever it is wherever else. This procedure should only take 1-2 hours of downtime, but the reason I chose to have it right in the middle of the day rather than an off-time is that it could also really badly break a lot of things. I want to be available and ready to fix them all (or tell the smart people to fix them). This is a really major procedure that is very scary, so let's hope the site survives it! No, it's not adding anything new or interesting that you will notice. It'd be nice if it sped the site up a bit or something, but I wouldn't expect that either. It's just a necessary thing to keep up with the times. And then it's a new year full of new surprises and an actual newsletter every month and actual games being released and actual t-shirts.

Hamumu.com will be down for up to 2 hours at 9AM PST on December 31st for an upgrade!
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