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  Save The Pumpkin! 06:40 PM -- Thu October 29, 2009  

The Great Pumpkin still needs your help! As is his way, he'll be going away after Halloween is over, so I suggest you get in there and do some damage. The Happy Pony has been greatly weakened from the constant struggle for the past month (not that he'd ever complain - he's always happy!), so now is your best shot! The Pony will also now return hourly, and you can get new items as much as every 5 minutes!.

So don't miss out on the most exciting Halloween event this side of a haunted hayride! He won't be around forever, so SAVE THE PUMPKIN!
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  Costume and Not-So-Costume! 12:41 AM -- Sun October 25, 2009  

Hey, everybody, check out some really amusing pictures, and vote for your favorites!

Costume Contest entries here

Not-So-Costume Contest entries here

(Links take you to the entries. To place your vote, scroll the page to the top)

Best Halloween Ever is underway... and by the way, if you haven't sent in your Halloween Horror world yet, get on that, because they're due today! Just seven days until it all blows up!
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  Losing Your Mind 04:05 PM -- Thu October 8, 2009  

There's a scene - It might be in Alice In Wonderland, but somebody can surely say in comments - where a character meets a centipede (a talking one, of course) and says "Wow, how do you coordinate all those legs to walk?" The centipede thinks about it a minute, says "Well gee, I don't know!" and thereafter, can't walk again, since he's now thinking about it instead of just doing it.

Another reference is the book Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson, which centers around a 'virus', which consists of basically a snowy video screen. The particular pattern in the snow sends a message into the brain of anyone watching it, basically disabling their mind.

Sometimes, I think about how I'm breathing, and I have to try to distract myself, so I'm not doing that anymore! Once you start thinking about it, you have to actually manually control it until you can stop thinking about it. I don't think there's actually any danger there, but it's sort of annoying when you get too focused on it.

Other times, I get lost in thought, and my mind starts wheeling down strange lines, into thinking about thinking, and I get to a point where I'm wondering how I'm thinking. I know the mind is effectively a computer - in fact, I've actually experienced a real live reboot once after I fainted (my life literally flashed before my eyes, random memories one scene after another, faster and faster, until the real world faded back in). A strange experience, but a real awakening one! So this computer, like any, can get caught in loops and can crash from bad data. Luckily, as a biological computer, it's extremely parallel, offering lots of backup and circumventing of problems. But still, sometimes I'll sit and think about something and wonder if there are actually some thoughts you can't have, because if you do, they'd shut your brain down, or trap it in a loop. Maybe some people are crazy because of a thought they had. Wouldn't it be interesting if somebody discovered the great secret of the universe, only thinking about that breaks your brain?

An interesting example of this kind of thing is in this Mind Hacks article. A guy looks at staircases and has strange specific seizures. That's some funny wiring. And certain types of thinking can cause some kinds of seizures. Brain=computer. I find neuroscience very fascinating. But I do worry that one day, I'm going to have the one wrong thought, and I'm just going to be gone. Scary notion? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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  The Great Pumpkin Is Missing! 05:58 PM -- Wed October 7, 2009  

Peoples of Hamumu!

I need your help! The Great Pumpkin was supposed to make his usual yearly visits to our chatroom, starting today, but when I went to check on his field, I discovered him missing!

I'm at a loss here. I've done all I can, so I turn to you, my fellow Hamumians. Search his field for clues. Search often. It's not like The Great Pumpkin to just go missing, so I fear the worst. Prepare yourself for any eventuality, and most of all, do not go off after any trouble you encounter alone! You will need help from your friends! This is a dangerous situation, and we all need to be very cautious.

So get out there and FIND THAT PUMPKIN!
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  Hallowed Halls Of Hamumu 12:04 AM -- Thu October 1, 2009  

Ah, my favorite time of year! Starting just yesterday, the weather has become delightful, windy and cooly warmish (that's a meteorological term, you wouldn't understand). I can smell fall in the air! When allergies aren't stuffing up my nose. And my favorite holiday is coming up too! I don't know how much candy I can allow myself this year - down 10 pounds in the past few months (tried to check the time on my "Lose It!" iPhone app chart, and noticed that it's broken down into 27-day sections. Wha?! About 3 months), and now I'm kicking it into real gear. I have been slacking with that. Sure, I cut down the food, but I barely got my tail end in motion, which as far as I'm concerned is almost entirely what being healthy is about. So I started that today, with some very hearty motion. Keep me on it, I need motivationisms. I Wanna Be The Healthy Guy.

I wonder if anything exciting is going to happen in October? Seems like the month for it, eh? Best month of the year. Best holiday even. Be happy, everybody!
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