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  Your Input, Please! 04:06 PM -- Thu May 28, 2009  

First, let me say, Behind The Dumb is very slow right now! I'm spending a lot of time on the site update stuff (not covered on the show), and the game is suffering. I haven't actually filmed anything yet, and it should've come out last week! I think what I want to do is officially make it biweekly (which I'll probably be late for this week too...). You'll hear more about the site update in the future, and why interesting things are happening behind the scenes here.

But here's the input I seek! I have two interesting Behind The Dumb show ideas, but I need your help for both. Please email me these things:

1. Questions and comments. Yeah, the usual stuff I put in the email segment, but I'm looking for big questions (about anything really, though perhaps the game would be a good topic) that I can springboard into a discussion from. I want to make an entire show that is made of emails, with each email leading into something interesting instead of just a simple answer.

2. Suggestions of stuff you want to see on the show. For example, Atkins has already said he wants to see code explained through interpretive dance, which is a perfectly logical feature. What do you want to see? I'd like to do an all-request show, and it could be quite amusing if your suggestions are worthwhile.

I know I won't be able to use a large percentage of what gets asked/suggested, so feel free to send both things, and more than one of each. Send more later, send anytime. Send many emails, pack many things in one email, whatever. I want lots of options!
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  The Good, The Bad, And... That's It 05:33 PM -- Thu May 21, 2009  

For handy marketing and development purposes, I've created the two following forum threads:

Why do you like Hamumu?

What don't you like about Hamumu?

Your input is greatly appreciated in both! If you are shy, you can send me an email (you can even use the Contact Form without putting in your email to be anonymous - just don't do it when logged in, or it's a lot less anonymous!) instead of posting. But please please send your information. It's for your own good!

The first question will be very helpful both in knowing how to market the site so I can bring you more new friends to play with/abuse, and in knowing what the key things to keep/expand are. The second question will tell me what the key issues are that need improvement around here.

Which reminds me that a major overhaul is coming. Probably not soon, only because these things take a long long time to finish. But it's underway! It won't be like the last one - we're keeping most of the underlying technology intact. I'll just be adding more interactivity, integrating everything better, making it much easier to navigate (somehow!?), improving the looks, making it look more appealing to the n00Bz, and fixing whatever you complain about in that second thread! Well, if I agree.
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  Behind The Dumb - Episode 8: Functionality 06:46 PM -- Fri May 15, 2009  

Episode 8 of Behind The Dumb brings you a look into actual development of an actual game! Specifically, the one the series is about.

Show Notes: (Watch it first!)
  • Mikhail Hommelchev was going to make a return appearance to discuss some programming, but I found actually trying to speak with his accent was problematic at best. For a little while, I was Japanese.
  • Dual-monitor tip: my original setup lead me into multiple Blue Screens of Death. I discovered since then that this was because I had both monitors plugged into the same video card (it had 2 video outs). What's working for me now, with no crashes or problems since, is that I re-enabled my computer's onboard video card, and I have one monitor plugged into each card. Probably much easier on the computer too!
  • Got ideas, however outlandish, of what you'd like to see on the show? I wouldn't object to hearing them via any of the many vehicles for commentary that this website provides you! I worry about just continuing to show that same shot of me at my desk, blabbing on about programming. It would be nice to spice things up.
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  Pay Up, Pal! 03:39 AM -- Wed May 13, 2009  

I am pretty sure I used that headline before. But never to mean that

Paypal is finally integrated into the site!

Go on, you! Buy tons of games, and pay for them with Paypal! You always could, but now you can do it without emailing me.
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  Hamumu.Fan.Blog 04:13 PM -- Mon May 11, 2009  

I just had this idea, and I thought I'd spin it by the community and see if it's something you'd use. It's the Hamumu Fan Blog. It's exactly like this journal you are reading right here, differences and rules being:
  • Anyone with a Dumb Account can post an entry
  • All entries are emailed to me first for approval
  • Posts must be related to Hamumu
  • Posts have to be of some significance (like short - or long - articles about something). If you have something less meaningful (or spammy) to say, we've got a forum for that
It's nothing you can't do on the forum, but it kind of puts a spotlight on it if you want to post something really noteworthy (like a guide to making tiles, or the story of how you introduced Hamumu to your school). I don't know if that's worth the effort or not. Does it just take away from the forum? Does it add a fun new outlet? Do you have ideas of something you'd want to post there? Whatcha think!?
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  Daily Sketch #7: The Devil Is Sleepy 09:07 PM -- Tue May 5, 2009  

The Devil Is Sleepy

This one comes from a line in the episode of Angel we watched tonight. And indeed, it seems that the devil is sleepy. And is the word "Daily" getting sillier or sadder as time goes on?
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  Behind The Dumb - Episode 7: The Sandwiching 08:45 PM -- Sat May 2, 2009  

Episode 7 of Behind The Dumb! Finally you will learn what kind of sandwich I had!

Next week we return with a normal sort of episode. For a sneak preview of fun and joy, check out the current state of Loonyland Tactics! That's the cool thing about Flash, I'm able to easily give you something to play even though there's really nothing to play yet.
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