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  New Hamumu All Over! 01:24 AM -- Thu July 16, 2009  

In more new Hamumu news, my office has become new!

I don't know if I've discussed this before - I think I did on Behind The Dumb - but a while ago, I moved my office out of the actual office and into the living room. When I lost my laptop, I no longer had a handy way to come out and spend the evening with the family and still play WoW work on stuff and help out customers. So I just moved the office out here to solve the issue.

What this picture shows is that today, I expanded my operation to make life more productive and better. I moved my old computer out here in an L with my new one (I practically AM in an office at this point), so I have no excuses! I can work on 3D Studio with great ease, as well as use my favorite and handiest audio-editing programs. So this whole place is becoming quite the command center. And the cats like it, too. They never had any room to be on my desk before I added the new section. I also added a table, which is what's in the corner of the L, occupied by Ollie.

In the grand tradition of keeping monitors very carefully supported in case of earthquake, the newly-arrived monitor is on a shoebox, labeled Anatomical Comfort, which is indeed what it provides, because putting the monitor down on table-level would be hard on the ol' neck. And the funky round alien next to that box is my amazing microphone, which doesn't work with Vista.

I gave Blender a shot at replacing 3DS, and I did learn how it works (basically), and can build a model in it reasonably, but getting remotely good at it would take a whole lot longer than moving this desk did, so I used the ol' noggin (directly above the ol' neck) and worked out this non-learning-based solution instead. Remember kids, never learn if you can avoid it.
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  Monster Collection 10:30 PM -- Mon July 6, 2009  

Hamumu has a large collection of monsters from the large collection of games. So why not let you, the Dumb Folks, collect the collection of monsters from the collection?
The collection is just a fun thing to have. Every account gets a random set of 5 monsters. Some are rarer than others. Then, via a very simple process you will discover, you can gradually gain more of them. It's just a little thing to encourage interacting with your fellow Hamumoids. Then I can also use these little monster cards in the future for some other stuff, like a web-RPG like Kingdom of Loathing! That's not in the works, but I always like the idea.

Big thanks to the guys who are right now helping me by making these pictures (it's a tiresome job, I can tell you after doing a whopping two of them)! Two thumbs up to AtkinsSJ, Bunnybot5000, and SpaceManiac who are the ones who've actually already sent me the first batch they did. Don't let that pressure you other guys who signed up to do it, though - I sure didn't expect same-day results! It's quite amazing. Now how can I get you guys to write my games for me...
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