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  Snowy Morn 02:44 AM -- Wed February 15, 2012  

Inspired by waking up to a yard sprinkled with snow*, I've added the Snow Fort to the game! However, it currently throws rocks just like the Rock Tower. And I've added tooltips (all numbers are just randomly made up and have no bearing on what will be in there once I'm actually balancing things). That's about it. Not a lot going on today. A new tower should be kind of a big deal, but honestly it was about 20 minutes of work. It'll be more than that when I get into the actual snowball part where enemies have to be slowed down. They currently don't know how to be slowed. So that'll be interesting.

The fort, by the way, is actually styrofoam, which is why it doesn't melt. There's a snow-cone maker inside that the scout is using to make his snowballs. That's canonical, but not mentioned in-game. You have to read the accompanying series of novels published by Del Rey Books.

* Not at all true - I just thought of that as I started making this entry. The snow part is true at least, I just was going to make this tower anyway. And to think, it was 70 degrees about 2 days ago.
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