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  Is That Gameplay? 01:10 AM -- Thu June 28, 2012  

Not really... it's the gameplay screen, if that helps! Evil red-eyed gnomes are attacking our Gumby-like hero with their volatile 0-damage attacks. At this point, the gnomes do find their way to you, wandering around walls and all that, using the classic Smell algorithm (TM & (C)!) from NPC Quest. I know there were some oddities with that in NPC Quest, where guys would dither back and forth for a while before making a decision, so we'll be tweaking that. I initially used the A* pathfinding algorithm, but it was shockingly hard on the CPU, presumably because my super-naive implementation of it was chock-full of allocating new objects and whatnot. So I figured rather than code that in a smarter way, I'd just use the Smell system, which took about ten minutes to get up and running, and works perfectly so far.

In the interface here, you can see there is a "joystick" of sorts on the left, where you can tap to choose which priority your hero will use. The left features your three buttons: skill 1, skill 2, and potion. There will probably also be a pause button and a game-speed slider.
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