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Anonymous 06-23-2001 07:00 AM

Go look through the Haunted Tower carefully. It is in the lower right corner of the overland map.

Anonymous 09-28-2001 09:00 AM

Pumpkin Key...Larry's wife has it after you speak to her after defeating the wolf guys and saving Larry.

Skull Key...After you complete 'beneath the lake'.

Bat Key...In the haunted tower after you move the skulls over, enter the room at the top right, open all the doors and defeat the boss there.

Anonymous 09-28-2001 07:00 PM

Hey menfluff, don't give up! My motto with Hamumu games is - Never say die! "It's got to be here somewhere" and "I'll find a way if it's the last thing I do" (to which my son rolls his eyes and says: Mom, it's soooo easy). In your case however, go back to Page 5 of this forum and look under these separate topics: "Easy sneak badge but how do I pass skull puzzle?" and "vampire busts ??" and "Bats!!". There may be more answers in these older pages to other problems you might encounter, as well. Good luck and Grrrr at the screen a lot - it works for me!

Anonymous 09-29-2001 05:00 AM

Go get that bat key! You need all of the keys to get around all of the castle. If it is any help there is one bat statue on every floor and one vampire bust on every floor (I think). If you havn't fount the first floor's bat statue, go look carefully around the gallary, there is a switch there that opens up the entrance to the secret compartment where the bat statue is hidden.

Anonymous 12-11-2001 10:00 AM

If you kill all the enemies on the mainland, you will get a badge saying: "You have access to all the keys and the passes are open." You should then have all 3 keys and the fertilizer and the crystal balls. All the passes will then be open to you. The badge you need is huntin'. If you haven't found the silver bar, I can tell you where it is. Just e-mail me at smartladee1@juno.com

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