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Default Robot Wants Kitty iPhone bugs

Who is responsible for the iPhone app Robot Wants Kitty -- Hamumu or Raptisoft?

Anyway, I've seen a couple bugs in the program and hoping they'll be fixed one day since I enjoy the game so much and all the great levels other users have made.

1) If Robot makes a computer "happy" to open a gate and is killed, the gate never opens. This also happens when Robot is falling and passes a computer, making it "happy", then continues to fall and the gate passes off-screen. If the gate is off-screen before it opens, it never will.

2) Sometimes the teleporters do not turn on after the crystal is placed into it. By exiting the app on the iPhone and coming back into the game, the teleporter is then enabled. However, I've also discovered that exiting the app and starting it back again in a game enables all teleporters, even if they don't have their crystal(s).

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Default Re: Robot Wants Kitty iPhone bugs

Raptisoft does all the work on that, and bug reports would be very helpful to him! Check out http://www.robotwantskitty.com!
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