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Default Dusty Desert Keychains

I'm pretty new to this Dr Lunatic game and thought I was doing pretty well - however, I amnow totally stuck on how to get the squash keychain (Riddle of the Sphinx) and the rocket keychain (Labyrinth). I know where they are but can't find the keys to the doors they're behind. The squash chain is particulalry frustrating as I have tried almost everything I can think of to try and get a key but to no avail - can anyone help me pleeaaassseee!
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The keys to the keychains are special. You can find these keys in some of the levels in the outside area of the hub. The only ones I remember are the ones in the Djinni level and the Bazaar. I think you get both from killing all enemies.
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Aqua -- I Dream of Djinnis (for squash keychain)
purple -- Cactasia (for pumpkin keychain)
brown -- Sweltering (for rocket keychain)
grey -- The Bazaar (for hammer keychain)
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evil eye
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Default Re: Dusty Desert Keychains

i was doing the levels that you put here. and i looked for the keys, i defeated all the enemy's and i got all the brains but still no keys. how do i suppose to get all the keychains when i don't get the keys for the door??
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Default Re: Dusty Desert Keychains

as you finish those levels, you get a message that says "brown desert key earned" or "purple desert key earned" or whatever. it should be waiting for you right at the exit.
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