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Question Happy Glade

Today I managed to buy the full version. I was making good progress when I entered the Happy Glade. Is the Happy Glade a secret place or what?
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Default Re: Happy Glade

Yeah, it's kind of this game's "The Torture Chamber".
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Default Re: Happy Glade

You can get infinite XP here, provided you are skilled enough.
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Default Re: Happy Glade

Originally Posted by cyberclone42 View Post
You can get infinite XP here, provided you are skilled enough.
Definitely true. Another way to get XP is to track back to the houses near where your car crashed down, and find the ledger. You can type in some bosses or monsters, quickly go into the small room next to the ledger, depending on the size and AI of the monsters, they will be half-way stuck from the wall, and just hammer them away.
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