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Amazin' SPISPOPDAdd To Cart ($2.95)
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A maze chase game with a few twists. Collect power-ups to walk through walls, go super fast, and even give your foes the Evil Eye. Also play cooperatively with a friend, or compete in Sibling Rivalry mode. Also includes randomly generated mazes and a Time Attack mode to compete for record times. Collect those candles!

  • Play one-player, or play with a friend cooperatively or competitively.

  • Happy Fields mode: a set of 20 ever more difficult levels.

  • Dank Dungeons mode: an endless series of random levels, each harder than the last. Survive as long as you can!

  • Time Attack mode: tackle any of the Happy Fields levels, or a random Dank Dungeons level, and attempt to score a record time.

  • Sibling Rivalry mode: compete head to head with a friend in a race to collect the most candles.

  • Power-ups like Ghost Power, Speedy Boots, and Blizzard!

  • Tons of options to customize the Sibling Rivalry match for the perfect showdown.

  • Rated by 24 players
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