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Costume Party Fantasy PackAdd To Cart ($0.95)

Enjoying Costume Party? Make it an adventure (sort of) with the Fantasy Pack! You'll get 3 heroic costumes: the Ranger, Knight, and Wizard, along with a whole slew of traps and monsters to slay them, from Demons to Mystic Orbs and Dragon Statues. And of course, you'll earn fifteen new awards, which unlock new tiles for you to use in your own levels.

  • Ranger costume that fires precision arrows you have to aim, and lays explosive traps

  • Knight costume that blocks enemy bullets and chops up all manner of things

  • Wizard costume that flips between Fire and Ice modes and can teleport!

  • Princesses to save!

  • Over 20 new tiles, including monsters, crankable gates, crumbling bridges, and much more

  • Earn fifteen new awards as you seek ultimate Costume Party mastery

  • Buy this while logged into your Dumb Account, and it will instantly activate! Play right away!

  • Requires Costume Party Creator's Pass

  • Rated by 6 players
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