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DerelictAdd To Cart ($4.95)
Download PC Demo (4.7MB)

In deep space, your salvage team has run across a derelict starship with the seemingly mis-chosen name of "The Dire Circumstances". Their loss, your gain. There's only one minor problem... It's teeming with aliens!
Derelict is a fast action game with unending hordes of enemies coming at you in more than thirty levels of mayhem. Play with one of two different characters: Rachel Riveter, whose gun shoots streams of rivets, and Demolition Ralph, whose love for explosions really helps him out of some tight spots against seven different alien creatures. And if you've got a friend around, pull up a gamepad and have them help you clean out the aliens!

  • Select from two unique characters, with totally different weapons.

  • Master the Strafe Shot technique to survive against hundreds of enemies at once!

  • Collect the hidden Klinkonite Crystals for huge bonuses.

  • A variety of power-ups including Rapid Fire and Speed Boots give you the edge you need to survive.

  • Rated by 21 players
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Patches & Updates
Update to v1.03 (1MB)
If you have less than version 1.03 (look on the title screen), get this for some minor bug fixes.
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