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Costume PartyDownload For PC (15MB)

No plot required. This is an action/puzzle game all about slipping on a variety of Halloween costumes to get past horrifying monsters that will haunt your nightmares. Each costume has unique abilities and plays like a whole different kind of game. Buy a Creator's Pass to build your own levels using the extremely simple level editor, and automatically share them with the world! The entire game is internet-connected, so your levels are shared with everyone, and you can play the game from any computer in the world and keep your settings and progress!

  • Five spooky costumes to get you through:

  • Frank smashes bricks, and occasionally monsters, with his big square head.

  • The Witch zaps stuff with her wand, transforming objects from one thing into another. Her levels are serious puzzles!

  • The Vampire can glide long distances and hide in the shadows from the relentless Screamers.

  • The Ghost floats freely around, and can scare enemies away with his mighty BOO attack.

  • Wolfman is a killing machine, with a variety of lethal slashing and biting attacks!

  • The Creator's Pass lets you earn 25 special awards while playing, each of which unlocks a secret tile you can build levels with.

  • And of course, the Creator's Pass also lets you build levels of your own with the simple level editor!

  • Requires a Dumb Account to play (they're free!)

  • Rated by 22 players
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