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Hitsuji: Shears Of FuryDownload For PC (2.1MB)

Ninja sheep battling evil construction workers. Need I say more? Another 48-hour contest entry. This is a very fast paced, intense game, which requires great finger twiddling skills to do well at. Try it out, and post your comments on the Gamelets Forum, because we always like feedback. If you get a great score or combo, let us know! This version has been fixed up a little from the original 48 hour version, and the other 3 characters and 19 levels were added. Note: many of the later levels can only be completed with Gouma Hitsuki, not the other characters. And even then, they are very hard!

  • 4 playable characters. Yes, even a Happy Stick!

  • Hidden special moves

  • Highly destructive combo-riddled action

  • Nifty animation you wouldn't expect in 48 hours

  • A high score table split by levels and characters, so compete away!

  • Rated by 11 players
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