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Ninja Kitty Vs. The NukebotsDownload For PC (604KB)

Mini-LD #4 had a unique theme. We were provided with a set of images, and we had to create a game that could use those images, and any others like them, as levels. To ensure my game would work with levels of any layout, I decided I needed the protagonist to be able to fly... or perhaps Ninja Dash! And so Ninja Kitty was born.

Use his incredible ninja skills and nothing more than your left mouse button to blow apart all the Nukebots on each level. But since they're Nukebots, you need to back off quickly when they ignite!

  • Build your own levels in MS Paint!

  • Level up and invest in 12 different skills and supermoves!

  • Intense zooming ninja action!

  • Rated by 23 players
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