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Moon InvadersDownload For PC (900kb)

This was developed for a Ludum Dare "warm up" contest, where we had only 24 hours to create our game rather than 48. I liked it so much I added many enhancements in the following week, and here it is! The contest had 2 themes, 'moon' and 'anti-text'. So this game takes place on the moon, and contains no text whatsoever. Not even numbers! It's in the classic Tower Defense vein, but with a distinct Space Invaders twist to it.

  • Construct 6 different types of towers, each with several upgrade options

  • Choose your upgrades carefully - they get more expensive as you add them

  • Not a single character of text! Not even on the title screen!

  • Spend vast amounts of Moonbucks to buy 6 research options to improve your team as a whole

  • It's free, and it's fun

  • Rated by 20 players
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