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Welcome to Hamumu Software, your source for Dumb games for your PC! These are our most popular games, but the list on the left lets you search through all the rest. We've got games to meet any taste, as long as your taste is Dumb. If you have a Mac, check out the Available For Mac section. If you just want to see everything, try the All Games section!
Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese$9.95
Player Rating:
1,200 levels and hundreds of hidden bonuses in Bouapha's greatest adventure!
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Kid Mystic$4.95
Player Rating:
Fling fireballs and spells in this action-RPG. Save the kingdom of Tulipton!
More Info - Add To Cart - Download Demo (5.3MB)
Player Rating:
Join Loony on his first RPG adventure in the kingdom of Loonyland.
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Loonyland 2$4.95
Player Rating:
An epic action-RPG. Follow Loony's continuing adventures as you level up and improve your skills. Collector's Edition bonuses included!
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Mia's Happy Day$4.95
Player Rating:
A game in honor of my dog, Mia. Give her a happy day, doing tricks and building levels! 50% of your payment goes to cancer research.
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Sleepless Hollow$4.95
Player Rating:
The Headless Horseradish has come to town, and only Bouapha can stop him!
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