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NPC Quest 2 it is!07:35 AM -- Wed July 16, 2014

Thanks a lot, Blue Dwarf, for ruining my game by correctly guessing what we are developing. We chose this game because it's something I really want to play on my phone when I'm traveling or just sitting in front of the TV. It seems a shame that mobile devices have had no NPC Questing for all this time. I've also had this idea for expanding NPC Quest almost since the original was made, just gnawing at my brain. So it's time.

All the information below is subject to change since the game is not even in a tech demo state yet.

Yes, the greatest game in Hamumu history is seeing a sequel! NPC Quest 2 is the story of a village full of standard RPG NPCs who are troubled by the sudden disappearance of Baldric The Max-Level, who should've conquered the final boss by now and saved the world. So, with heavy hearts they set out to do what no NPC should ever have to do - stop standing in one spot and adventure.

NPC Quest 2 is being developed for mobile devices primarily, but will almost certainly also have a PC (maybe Mac too? Linux?) release. It's a whole lot more game than NPC Quest was, but the idea is the same: you are playing as an NPC, so you can't actually control your character (NPC means "Non Player Character", you know). There's much more interaction than in the original game though, with a couple of special abilities you can fire off when needed, potions you can use, 4 "moods" you can switch your NPC between (like the "run away" button in NPC Quest, you can choose which priority your NPC has), and interactive objects in the environment you might want to tap on to help out. There's also a little tiny skill tree, all sorts of loot, a village to upgrade, a bunch of classic NPC character classes, a story of sorts, and a unique world exploration mechanic.

NPC Quest 2 - coming someday from Hamumu & friends.
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A NEW GAME!! ... is barely started11:45 AM -- Tue July 15, 2014

I suppose I should blog once in a while. I've been not mentioning this new project for some time, though it's been underway for months, because we haven't really gotten anywhere! There have been a lot of big delays, the latest of which we're still in the middle of, so what we have isn't even a tech demo yet. But an exciting new project is underway, even though I am spending almost all of my own time working on Growtopia as always. I've hired a programmer and an artist to work on this one while all I have to do is sit back and make up ideas. It's my dream job!

Anywhooooo... were you wondering what amazing new game we are making? Why of course it's a Hamumu sequel. Ah heck, let's make a game out of this blog post! Post your thoughts on what this might be a sequel to. One guess per person, until I give out a hint. Don't get it right though, I want to be able to give out a few hints.
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Would you believe new add-ons?10:32 AM -- Wed April 2, 2014

A Quick Adventure by Jordo, and Summer Silliness 8 - RP by Pewskeepski, are here for your gaming pleasure at long last!

Now to go finish filing my taxes, for my own gaming pleasure.
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Back from GDC!02:05 PM -- Sun March 23, 2014

Hey, I'm blogging a bit. Just a little bit. I spent the last week at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, and it was a massive whirlwind of crazy. Of course, everybody else was crazier than me - I'd be in bed at 10 while they were all out at super-loud horrible parties I was happy to avoid. It does keep me a bit isolated, but man, the full day of STUFF is enough. I am drained completely. Possibly ill, possibly not, that's still up in the air.

This post should include cool pictures like the first ever handshake of Seth and Hamumu, but I am too tired to do all the complicated uploading and whatnots.

I'm inspired though! Things to come for me: working on my Blender and Unity skills, competing in the next Ludum Dare (first time in years...), continuing to update Growtopia of course, and eventually getting down to work on my dream game I've been designing for 10 years or so. But before that I'm gonna see if I can crank out some mini-games (not #1GAM, 1 game a month, but one or two this year maybe?). I want to be creating stuff instead of spending all my time working for a living.

But right now I am resting.
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Games of 2013: Rogue Legacy07:38 PM -- Tue January 21, 2014

Rogue Legacy

Oops, I was so busying playing Marvel Heroes, I forgot to tell you about the other games I played last year. Rogue Legacy is a Castlevania-like. It's a side-scrolling action platformer where you level up and kill stuff and try to find the bosses and slay them. The big twist this time around is reflected in the game's name: Rogue is trying to tell you that when you die, it's permanent (also that the game world is randomly generated), while Legacy is there to tell you that it's okay that you are dead - your children will carry on in your name!

The legacy feature is actually fairly dumb to me - theoretically, the 3 characters you get to choose from each time are the 3 children of the last character you played, but first of all, why does every person in this family always have exactly 3 children, and second of all, why are they completely random instead of related in some way to their parent? What's fun is that they have random traits, including things like Near-Sighted (the edges of the screen are blurred, only the center is clear) or Insane (occasionally you'll encounter enemies that you are imagining!), so it's fun stuff, and often a very interesting choice to be making, but I'm just not sure how "legacy" it is.

But there is one big thing that is very legacy about it, and it's the way you progress in the game: your family owns a giant castle, and you use the gold you manage to get out (not sure how your people who die in the middle of the dungeon get their cash out, but they seem to send it by Western Union in their death throes) to upgrade the castle, which upgrades all your guys in various ways, or unlocks new character classes or special abilities. It's pretty enjoyable to upgrade this, knowing that even though you begin each run from scratch, you're a little more powerful each time anyway. It's also fun to find blueprints for new gear and runes in the dungeon which you can apply to your descendants.

The progress is very well balanced here, where I can push forward a little bit more each time, and gradually upgrade. Eventually you beat a boss, and that boss remains dead for good, which is a pretty big let-down actually, since the bosses give huge piles of money when killed, and it'd be quite satisfying to re-slay them with your more powerful descendants.

But this game is very hard. You die a lot. It always feels pretty well-earned, and even if it doesn't, no big deal - you get to go again, and probably buy an upgrade first! It doesn't feel frustrating despite the challenge.

So I highly recommend Rogue Legacy. Just a great game for people like me who love Castlevania (Symphony of the Night, that is)! Which by the way this game is full of homages to - from the skeletons that toss bones in an arc to the really annoying wolves.
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