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Other Daily Sketchers: PoV - DrPetter - Pekuja
Daily? Sketch #18: More Thorns01:08 AM -- Sat March 6, 2010

Just another Thorny Ruins scene. I thought to give the ruins something more to them, there could be the skeletons of giant beasts, leaving us to wonder if the city was destroyed by these creatures or what. Nobody knows! I don't actually know if we'll add the skeletons in the end, but it's what I drew while watching Lost last week.
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Daily? Sketch #17: Robot Arm Thingy03:26 AM -- Wed March 3, 2010

This has nothing to do with concept art at all, and is obviously futuristic, not fantastical. It's just a random roboticization. I do that when I don't have a planned object to draw. I make a triangle (the middle one of the bottom thing - actually a quadrilateral, but usually I do a triangle), then start expanding out on it without any plan. I think that might be the next Daily? Sketch that you can vaguely see through the paper here.
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Daily! Sketch #16: Buzzkill06:38 PM -- Fri February 26, 2010

This is another scavenger that lurks within the Thorny Ruin. It's called a Buzzkill for obvious reasons. The only real thing of note here is that I drew the bottom one first, and then sometimes a good trick for working out how something should look is to just make as many opposite choices as you can. So I drew the one above it next, trying to do everything the opposite way stylistically (I can't avoid sticking one big feather out of the top of any bird's head, though). Okay, it's not all that opposite, but you can find the points where I tried new things. Then ideally, you'd make a 3rd sketch combining the elements you like from each. I didn't exactly do that, but I did make a horrible attempt at drawing one in-flight (which is probably how you would mostly see them). That didn't go so well. Some things I just have a real hard time with.
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Daily Sketch #15: Mongrel11:08 PM -- Thu February 4, 2010

I think this is a REALLY bad drawing. I couldn't come up with how to give his body the proportions I wanted... I like his head, and that's it. Anyway, these are big monster dogs, a lot like the Ice Hounds in LL2 (and those have the body structure I wanted to make here!), but instead of being icy, they are rather fiery, as the inset with text explains. They're not dogs made of fire, just sort of demonic. They're scavengers that prowl the Thorny Ruin, and don't like being disturbed.
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Daily Sketch #14: Thorny Ruin08:04 PM -- Tue February 2, 2010

More concept art. As you can imagine, this is the place where the vine monsters live. It was once a thriving civilization, then it declined and collapsed... we don't know whether it was destroyed by the vines, or if they creeped into the place once all the landscapers were gone. That doesn't matter to us now, hundreds of years later. It's just a place for us to have whatever sort of adventures the game you don't know about will contain!

The huge vines all over the place don't move, they're just plain old vines, but for some reason those much smaller vine monsters in the earlier sketch crawl around and attack.
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Daily Sketch #13: Crocatoan01:32 AM -- Fri January 29, 2010

This is called a Crocatoan. It's a tribe of crocodile people who live, of course, in a swamp. I don't know that they would particularly wear stretch pants as portrayed here, but I tend to just whip out drawings without a lot of thinking. The artist can give better details when the time comes, right?
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Daily Sketch #12: Vines01:11 AM -- Thu January 28, 2010

More concept art for a game to come in the future. These are vine monsters, in case that wasn't obvious. A lot of different general ideas, just toying with the concept.
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Daily Sketch #11: Grabbing At Straws01:41 AM -- Wed January 27, 2010

This is actually concept art for a future Hamumu game. I plan to do a whole series of concepts for this game, so feel free to make all the speculations you like! It's obviously a gauntlet, but whether you think it's futuristic or magical is pretty much up in the air (it's magical though - gems=magic). This is a lame drawing, but I was just toying with the idea.
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Daily!? Sketch #10: Lanky Lizard04:40 AM -- Tue January 26, 2010

This is some sort of creepy lizard creature clutching onto a rock with its spindly legs. It's very out of focus and looks horrible. I wonder if I'll ever have a scanner? The camera is not such a great tool for obtaining sketches.
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Daily Sketch #9: Doodley Doo10:39 PM -- Thu August 6, 2009

That's why it's called Morning Doodles, folks! All the O's are because I was having a really hard time drawing smooth lines and circles, so I just decided I'd practice making circles. It got rather addictive. And seriously, those are honest attempts at making perfect circles. Back pain is not conducive to precision drawing, that's for sure. But I'm always really sloppy with my lines and curves, I just don't have a steady hand.
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Daily!? Sketch #8: The Headless Dinosaurman10:02 PM -- Mon August 3, 2009

I'm back! I have a spot in my actual schedule for "morning doodles" now. It's 15 minutes long, so that's how long I had to make:

The headless dinosaurman! I was really running out of time by the time I got to the rider, so I was just whipping along with him. He's some sort of hippy in cargo pants. Then I was even more completely out of time when I got to his head, so I decided not to bother trying to make one and just threw a pumpkin on there, thus headless dinosaurman. Which makes you consider how silly it is that "horseman" means a guy who rides a horse.

Also, I don't like the striped strap on the dinosaur's neck, but that was really in the absolute last seconds, not even time to erase the stripes.
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Daily Sketch #7: The Devil Is Sleepy09:07 PM -- Tue May 5, 2009

The Devil Is Sleepy

This one comes from a line in the episode of Angel we watched tonight. And indeed, it seems that the devil is sleepy. And is the word "Daily" getting sillier or sadder as time goes on?
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Daily? Sketch #6: Ninjalope08:40 PM -- Wed April 29, 2009


Someone in IRC suggested the theme of Ninjalope. Yet again, it's a creature with no legs. This time I got distracted and went off to do other things, so he will have to just find a wheelchair or something. It's no coincidence that these guys lack legs... I find legs to be the hardest part, and always the part I do last. I should probably be doing lots of legs.
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Daily!?!? Sketch #5: Something With Fire Inside04:57 PM -- Tue April 28, 2009

Something With Fire Inside

Sol gave me this theme, and this was the first thing I thought of. I know it looks like this clockwork robot is trying to crush something, but that's just another little thing I had sketched on the paper first (it's some sort of weird spaceship, upside down). I also know that he has no legs, but this is as far as I got. His left arm is really stupid. I think it was going to be some kind of gun or something, but it just kind of sputtered out. The whole thing's more than a little weird... but it has fire inside!
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Daily Sketch #4: Tummy Ache04:56 AM -- Fri April 17, 2009

Tummy Ache

The theme given unto me was Tummy Ache, so I drew one! He really ought to be hunched more thoroughly, and something should be done with the eyes, but there you go anyway. It's like he can't bear the pain! Whoo!

Feel free to put a theme suggestion if you post a comment, it's always good to be suggested at.

P.S. - 14 bonus points if you can get the reference!
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Daily? Sketch #3: Cold05:06 AM -- Thu April 16, 2009


The theme was provided by Sol Hunt, because that's how it is around here today. Murderously so. Pretty much just a random sketch of icy stuff. I'm much happier with some of the later bits than where I started, but I'm not saying which is which (and since we don't speak Inuit, I can't actually specify one part or another in a picture like this with words anyway). Anyway, I think I learned a little doing this, so that's nice. And I do know that you don't get those weird claw things in the real world, this is fictional ice.
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Daily!? Sketch #2: Applez01:45 AM -- Wed April 15, 2009

It's a applez tree!

Leaves are hard, so you get a Dr. Seuss tree. I love drawing tree trunks though, just lots of lines that kinda go places. I specifically avoided making the ground grass, because that's a crutch I use to make the roots easier to draw. Hard to make roots stick down into bare dirt. I really rushed the end of this (the leaves, of course), because I was really gonna stick to that 15min limit. Good thing too, because I don't know how to draw the leaves slowly. Or well.
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"Daily" Sketch #1: Bird05:17 PM -- Mon April 13, 2009

I'm trying out this daily sketch thing. Today's theme was "Bird", so in an effort to spread my wings a bit (ahem), I decided to try something that wasn't a stubby little cartoon bird, and actually filled the paper and had some perspective or some other artistic term. It's not my best work, to be sure:

Death Canary

On the plus side, adjusting the bright and contrast (once I found a way to not make the Gimp crash when I did so) makes it look like some kind of old movie footage or something and enhances the evil of Death Canary. Wings are really complicated!
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