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Better09:28 PM -- Sat April 28, 2007

Well, she's still spitting rather than gazing, but look at how her head is attached to her body! Thanks DrPetter, for helping me figure out the conundrum of cosines. And the only real major technical feat in the game is done as you can see - the crows stack! Actually, it's pretty morbid, like I'm standing on a heap of dead bodies. But they're not. They're statues. Remember that! Statues that were living creatures moments before, but hey, I'm Medusa. Now I'm off to do major artwork. The artwork is going to have a big impact on gameplay at this point, since the first thing I'll be doing is making those crows be fat crows, about 3x the size. That will get you climbing much more quickly. It took about 5 minutes of play just to get as high as I am in this shot, and I'd like to be scrolling the screen up ever skyward. I'm gonna have a bunch of layers of parallax scrolling in the background to make it interesting, so I better get on that.
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