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Privacy Policy

The private information we collect from you is never shared with anyone, except where required by law, or as necessary to fulfill your order.

The only private information we collect from you is as follows:
  • Your email address when you create an account. This is used only to provide you with password resets when needed, and is never made public.
  • Name, email address, billing address, phone number, and credit card number when you order a game. None of this information is ever made public in any form. We do not store your credit card number at all, it is transmitted over a secure connection to the bank to complete the transaction only. Your other order information is only kept in our private records. You can optionally choose to store your name and billing address for future orders, in which case it is still stored only in the private database, and only disclosed to you when you are logged into your account. There is a button on the Private Settings page to delete this stored information if you wish.
We do not share your information with anyone for any other reason. There are no marketing companies that will be contacting you, no surveys coming your way. We hate spam more than you do.

Hamumu Games, Inc. is operated by:
Mike Hommel
4500 Williams Dr.
Suite 212-255
Georgetown, TX 78633
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