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Daily DumboscopeNov 10, 2014
Sagittarius is inching along the first quadrant of Libra, bringing Draenor into alignment. This means that you should avoid trapping chicken legs.
Coolboy Says...Oct 18, 2014
Nice glasses Jamul
A Monstergram from Coolboy!Oct 13, 2014
Starey Bat joined your Monster Collection!
Here Jamul you rock!
SuperVarken Says...Sep 26, 2014
Hia jamul ur awesome!
??? Says...Jun 15, 2014
Cant u ever believe me ever? I told u Im not anonymous.
REACTOR Says...Jun 12, 2014
You have really fallen into the dark side -_-
Got 3 Yerfbucks from ChessManiac!Apr 15, 2014
Ahh, now my yerfbuck count is even. LOL!
Got 3 Yerfbucks from ???!Feb 8, 2014
Heres some yerfbucks so I can get awesomeness.
Slaindude73 Says...Dec 31, 2013
Happy new year!
A Monstergram from Cbw1953!Dec 25, 2013
Pharaoh Faucet joined your Monster Collection!
Merry Christmas !
Got 30 Yerfbucks from ChessManiac!Dec 17, 2013
Here you are, not much safe for them.
A Monstergram from Giovannib100!Oct 31, 2013
Tower Guardian joined your Monster Collection!
A Monstergram from Giovannib100!Oct 31, 2013
Shade joined your Monster Collection!
Got 5 Yerfbucks from Slaindude73!Sep 12, 2013
Heres some yerfbucks for you :)
Filthy Rich trophy earned!Jul 23, 2013
Jamul earned the "Filthy Rich" trophy for having 10,000 Yerfbucks in hand. They really need to start spending that stuff.
Dumb Evangelist trophy earned!Jul 23, 2013
Jamul earned the "Dumb Evangelist" trophy for expanding the ranks of the cult of Hamumu by no less than 10 worthy compatriots!
Daily DumboscopeApr 25, 2013
Draenor is inching along the seventh house of Cancer. If you imitate a dolphin today, you may regret it.
A Monstergram from .Blue Dwarf.!Dec 10, 2012
Yerfdog Costume joined your Monster Collection!
Have a Happy Birthday! And a Yerfdog!
Androgeos Exeunt Says...Sep 29, 2012
I find it a little sad that Pedro Kicks Back gets almost no reception whatsoever, not even a cold one. It's not a Hamumu game, but I genuinely love it. I find it more enjoyable than the entire Robot Wants series.
Got 1 Yerfbucks from Lol07080!Jul 27, 2012
Here is some yerfbucks so I can get some awesomeness

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