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Daily DumboscopeAug 6, 2011
Romulus is spinning in the sixthish house of Aquarius. The stars suggest that you should destroy a school with a person.
Ice Cream Get! trophy earned!Sep 25, 2010
Regeneratorizer earned the "Ice Cream Get!" trophy for finishing Robot Wants Ice Cream!
Got 30 Yerfbucks from Mossysox!Sep 9, 2010
Happy Birthday! Buy a Yerf...
Moltanem2000 Says...Sep 9, 2010
You probably won't see this for a while, but happy birthday!
Got 23 Yerfbucks from Pumpkineater!Apr 13, 2010
Here, 23. I will send the 24th when I get it.
Megadog Says...Apr 13, 2010
Megadog Says...Apr 9, 2010
Could I have the second two back? I thought I had to give you 5
Got 5 Yerfbucks from .Blue Dwarf.!Apr 8, 2010
5 yerfies? Correct? Yes...
Megadog Says...Apr 7, 2010
Got 2 Yerfbucks from Megadog!Apr 7, 2010
2 more for mistake
Got 3 Yerfbucks from Megadog!Apr 7, 2010
3 for please click here Xtreme
Star-Crossed trophy earned!Apr 2, 2010
Regeneratorizer earned the "Star-Crossed" trophy for having a rewarding future.
Daily DumboscopeApr 2, 2010
Tatooine and Caprica are in conflict. Lucky duck!! You will find 100 Yerfbucks very very soon!
You got 100 Yerfbucks!
Daily DumboscopeMar 29, 2010
Sagittarius is your power center. This is a great day for you to focus on scaring a bird.
Daily DumboscopeMar 28, 2010
Romulus is arcing along the third house of Scorpio. This is a great day for you to focus on visiting a cat.
Daily DumboscopeMar 27, 2010
Capricorn is arcing along the eighth quadrant of Aries, bringing Targ into alignment. Expect to meet a silver bottle.
Daily DumboscopeMar 25, 2010
There is a major confluence between the moon and Pluto! This means that you should avoid fighting teachers.
Daily DumboscopeMar 4, 2010
There is a major confluence between Saturn and Tatooine! This means that you should avoid catching a stomach.
Daily DumboscopeMar 1, 2010
Taurus is your power center. Be wary of a wonderful person - it could be your downfall today!
Daily DumboscopeFeb 25, 2010
Vulcan is drifting through the tenth house of Gemini. This means that you should avoid repairing a goat.

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