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Ponyslayer trophy earned!Oct 7, 2011
CyberSonic earned the "Ponyslayer" trophy for helping to rescue The Great Pumpkin during the Best Halloween Ever.
Star-Crossed trophy earned!Apr 11, 2010
CyberSonic earned the "Star-Crossed" trophy for having a rewarding future.
Daily DumboscopeApr 11, 2010
DUMBOSCOPE ERROR!!! *Klink* *Spoing* *WHIRR* Yerfbuck returned. See you tomorrow!
You got 1 Yerfbucks!
Daily DumboscopeMar 8, 2010
Tallon IV and Jupiter are in conflict. The stars suggest that you should fry a movie with a bridge.
Totally Awesome! trophy earned!Mar 8, 2010
CyberSonic earned the "Totally Awesome!" trophy for becoming 50% Awesome.
Awesome! trophy earned!Nov 6, 2009
CyberSonic earned the "Awesome!" trophy for becoming 25% Awesome.
A Monstergram from Redbone!Nov 1, 2009
The Red Baron joined your Monster Collection!

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