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You want your kids to join Hamumu! We have a huge collection of family-friendly games, a community of kids and adults that are all helpful and nice, and plenty of fun stuff to keep them occupied while you go do boring adult things (er, not that you should leave young children unsupervised on the internet...). There are no flame wars or profanity or adult content. Hamumu is a safe zone where kids will be accepted as they are without the cruelty you can find out in the dreaded real world.
You should join too! Our games are fun!
It's FREE! Better than free, it pays you to join! Well, it pays you 50 Yerfbucks. But those aren't too shabby, since you can spend them on our games just like cash! Why else should you join?
  • A massive community of all ages, chatting about whatever and cranking out new add-ons and levels for you to play!

  • Dozens of Dumb games for your PC or Mac

  • Contests, prizes, webgames, new events all the time

  • Trophies and Awesomeness to earn, monsters to collect, and a live chat on every page

  • An actual rule against being obnoxious or rude. That we enforce*

  • Nice people that like cool stuff. Like you!

*If you consider this a minus, this probably isn't the place for you!
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