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  Hamumu Halloween Home Horror Hoedown #2018-31: The Bad Ben Series (2017-2018) 12:52 PM -- Wed October 31, 2018  

For our grand finale this month, we scooped up the entire rest of the Bad Ben films: Steelmanville Road, Badder Ben, Bad Ben: The Mandela Effect, and the latest release, The Crescent Moon Clown. It's not just a podcast, it's a Quadcast! How do they compare to the original which garnered an astounding 5 Spooky Haunted Baby Toys from our resident critic? Let's find out.

Also of note: There are 2 more podcasts to come in this series before we fully finish the month. First, we're doing our yearly wrap-up, where we figure out what we've learned from these 35 horrific visages. Then the true grand finale is that today, as is Halloween tradition (since last year), I'll be watching as many horror movies as I can in a single day (I got 9 done last year, hope to beat it!), and I'll do one quick review covering them all.

Happy Halloween everybody! May it be the Best Halloween Ever!

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