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  Hamumu Halloween Home Horror Hoedown #2018-33: Halloween Roundup 06:13 PM -- Fri November 2, 2018  

It's a Halloween tradition! I laid on the couch and watched movies for the ENTIRE DAY. Hear my spoilerrific reviews for 9 horror films: The Hunted (2014), The Horror Network (2015), Malevolent (2018), Truth or Dare (2017), Tragedy Girls (2017), Darkness (2004), Island bZero (2018), Seven In Heaven (2018), and The Devil's Candy (2017). We even roped in Solee for a couple of them.

That's it folks! The end of the entire Halloween month of movies. I'm always so sad to see it go, and yet so happy to not have to spend 5 hours of my day (or all of it, in Halloween's case... plus a couple hours the next day!) working on this project. Whatever will I do with my time now? Make a game!?

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