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  Lazy Saturday 06:03 AM -- Sun June 27, 2004  

We watched Underworld tonight. It was dumb. My wife doesn't know why I like bad sci-fi movies. But here's the thing with it: the plot was really intricate and convoluted and almost entirely made sense. The thing with sci-fi (and fantasy) is that even when the writer or filmmaker does a bad job, they can still have been working from a really interesting idea. That's what I like about sci-fi, the ideas. You watch some horrible Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie (and they are all horrible!), and it's stupid, and often it's painfully dull (I don't like that, actually - give me either action and excitement, or just such stupidity that I can laugh), but if you think about the plot and actual events they crafted - not so much the fine details, which are often ludicrous, but the overall concepts - you find a really interesting story and set of ideas. Underworld was a really great one, because not only are they interesting ideas in a scientific sense (not that they're remotely scientific, but they're interesting in their rules and whatnot), but the actual events of the story and how they intertwine is complicated and multi-layered, plot-twists galore. It just happens to be poorly done in the sense that it's all very overwrought and silly. Classic trying-too-hard-to-be-cool syndrome.

We did a lot today, all kinds of different shopping, and came dangerously close to getting another new kitten, since someone was giving some away in front of Target. That would've been really wrong. Yeesh. And we ate at Thai Kitchen. That place is great. It's late. I'm tired and incoherent. I'm currently downloading wacky video game remix songs from OCRemix. That's not really an official endorsement, because I haven't heard a single one of them yet, but remixed video game songs can't be too bad, right? There are Mega Man songs!

Oh, and speaking of huge bittorrent files, yesterday I was accepted into the World Of Warcraft beta test! So I got the privilege of download 2 GIGAbytes of stuff to play that. And I played it some. It's pretty cool! Acutally, it seems pretty pointless, but oddly compelling as well. I need to play more to pass judgment. Definitely designed to suck your time away, that's for sure. But I can never get into the way MMO games always have such pointless combat. You swing, you wait 2 seconds, the monster swings, you swing, 2 seconds later you repeat. I know it's an internet limitation, but surely this could be done better, with some strategy or something. Imagine if it played like Final Fantasy Tactics (only with real-time turns, since this is over the internet) - you maneuver for best position, choose from a variety of options, use cover... something! Standing there smacking each other until someone falls over just isn't the most elegant method of resolving a conflict. Good night!
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  The Galaxy Is Go 10:36 PM -- Wed June 23, 2004  

Okay, Eddie Galaxy is now released! Go buy it! RIGHT NOW!!! I SAID SO! Okay, now that you've done that, read on.

Hmm, I'm not sure I have anything else to say. The next project is of course Kid Mystic. I have some ideas for enhancements to that, but I've got to give them a shot first before I say anything - I don't want to promise the world and deliver the original game with fancy lighting! Which by the way, it does have now. I've implemented the smooth lighting and a couple interface improvements so far (the speed that the monster life meter and other such things move was based on your computer speed before, and it gets really out of hand on fast systems!). Anyway, I've got good ideas that should hopefully add a lot to it. It's a great game to begin with, though. I got to playing it the other day to see what to fix, and ended up halfway through Chapter 2 before I quit. It's definitely got some fun to it! So, starting tomorrow, Kid Mystic will be underway more directly.

Bonsai is still keeping us up at night (more so in the morning... if I wanted to wake up at 6am, I'd use an alarm clock), and harassing the other cats a LOT more than I would like. He's only safe when he's asleep. Which is a lot, but unfortunately not at the right times. He just hops on them, completely latches on, draped over the other cat like a cape, and proceeds to bite onto any part of their head he wants. Huzzah pretty much ignores it until it hurts. Zazzy flips out from the get-go. She has bone problems, so she doesn't deal well with being squished. That's the feline update. Carry on with your day.
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  Galaxy of Stuff 08:43 PM -- Thu June 17, 2004  

Eddie Galaxy is all ready to go! Almost. The full version is totally done, all packed up and everything, the demo version is done except for the part that's supposed to annoy you until you pay me money, and the packaging for the CD is done except for putting screenshots on the back. Basically, during this last week of school, I'm waiting on Sol having more than 4 minutes of spare time, so she can take screenshots while I play! I can do them myself, but it gets very awkward, and a large percentage of the shots include me being blown up. Oh, and I also have to make the webpage for the game.

While waiting on that, I've started up on Kid Mystic a little bit. So far I've just done a couple quick fixes, but I've played a bunch (I'm partway through Chapter 2!), and it's fun! What a cool game! Whoever made it must've been really cool. I'm going to try to get in a few interesting additions to the gameplay (as in levels, probably), but it's tricky to work that sort of stuff in with the way the game is set up, like how it has a spell in each level (and no, I'm not adding spells - there aren't any more numbers on the keyboard!).

In other news, I released the new gamelet Retrovirus which works on both PC and Mac. Please download it and give it a try! I know it's not much gameplay-wise, but that's not the point of it! Your feedback on it will be very valuable, since it was invented for the sole purpose of seeing what people think of some plans for Sol Hunt (the control scheme and the graphics library). Do you like the controls? Are they too complicated for you? Does it run at full speed on your computer? Does it run at all? These are handy bits of info!

I've also put up a "Supreme Level Of The Week" on the Home Page, which will change randomly each Sunday. Is anybody going to try to unseat DavidS as the complete lord and master of this week's level? I hope next week it's not a level with moss in it again... I'm going to see if I can implement a rule for the high score system so that each person only gets their best score on the chart for each level. That way DavidS would only hold the top position and other people could get in 2nd and 3rd at least (unfortunately, I can't fix things retroactively - only the top 3 scores are stored). But in the meantime, dethrone him!!
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  Summer Silliness? 06:25 PM -- Sun June 13, 2004  

Hey, there's talk in the Dr. Lunatic forum about a new world pack like Halloween Horror and Winter Wackiness. Hop over there and share your ideas. We're not looking for level names yet, because we haven't officially picked a theme. Looks like the theme ideas so far are simple general summer stuff (much like how Winter Wackiness works), or summer blockbuster movies (kinda like Halloween Horror works, but geared towards the movies that are coming out this summer. That one sounds fun to me... but what could the world be called!?
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  Cats need solar power 06:23 PM -- Thu June 10, 2004  

Bonsai got his first shots yesterday, so he's lethargic today. If only he could have shots everyday...

Things are busy around here. I wonder how often I say that. Here's the Hamumu schedule from very near future to further along:
  • Post the five new add-ons I've been sent by WTG.
  • Post up a new gamelet called Retrovirus. It's a really simple arcade game with a more complex control scheme than any of our existing games. I want to get feedback on what you all think, because that's the Sol Hunt control scheme.
  • Finish developing my new CD Autorun program (you know, the thing that pops up when you put the game CD in your drive?), for Eddie Galaxy. Then create the CD case and manual for it, then it's ready to sell!
  • Make the Eddie Galaxy demo (should be quick and easy - I made one before, but this time I think I want to pick a more interesting planet to include than Earth, so people realize it's not a boring game!) and post it.
  • Post a very surprising free thing that people will be excited about at first and then lose interest in as they discover how hard it is to deal with and how I am offering no support for it.
  • Update Kid Mystic with a little bit of new stuff. I don't want to go too far on this thing, maybe set myself a one-week deadline for all upgrades. Definitely of course, the smooth lighting effects! I doubt there will be much else - with the spell system it has, there's not really room to add new levels or anything.
  • Make a Kid Mystic demo and CD case, and put it up for sale!
  • FINALLY, begin working on Sol Hunt for the fiftieth time.
So that's a lot of stuff. I'm sad that the last thing on the whole list is the one that's making a new game. That's my favorite task. I have great Sol Hunt ideas. I just want to get started on it before I decide a different set of ideas is better... my Sol Hunt ideas folder has over 20 files in it. It's a pretty tough part of my life, you know.
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  Patching OVER 09:45 PM -- Mon June 7, 2004  

Finally! I just finished uploading the new Loonyland demo which has the features of the new patch and hopefully more compelling ability to point out the splendiferousness of the full game than the old demo. With that, I'm all out of patching things to do at last. Next stop: Eddie Galaxy.

I can't believe we got a new kitten. He's very cute, and he's the MOST obnoxious being in the entire world, and keeping his destructive force in check is impossible. He actually doesn't go around wrecking stuff like some kittens, he just harasses our other cats to a point that's simply ridiculous, and eats out of their dishes, which appears to be an incurable habit. Unfortunately, he also seems to not mind water at all, unlike a normal cat, so spraying him with water to train him against doing things has no effect, even though it's like battery acid to our other cats. I like to refer to him as Demonikos, The Devil Cat. Because HE IS.
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