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  Mini Update 04:15 AM -- Thu March 13, 2008  

Small progress on many things:

- Trestles built and installed on Lego train set! I got to actually drive the train all the way around the full loop for the first time. Quite exciting. It has a real hard time getting up the hill, and can barely do it at all with 2 cars attached. Going downhill, it goes at light speed. Pictures to come in the future sometime.

- Worked on the Happyponygate pause screen stuff. Nothing exciting there, but I figured I had to tackle something I had a solid grasp on, just to get into it. It's got kind of a tab/folder setup for the different areas like Inventory, Goals, and Options.

- Titan Tunnels, just some design stuff.

- Hamtile the hammy tile editor is underway, but not really gotten anywhere. I decided to start it over using a different graphics system rather than building it out of Supreme. The advantage will be much better acceptance of windowed mode and playing more nicely with other programs and alt-tabbing. Also, the library (PixelToaster) is truecolor rather than 256 color, so it will be very quick and easy to adapt it to editing truecolor tiles when that becomes useful.

- All my WoW guys are level 34 today!

- Our apple trees are just on the brink of leafing out. It's fun that spring is here. I forgot what warm feels like.
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  Player Ratings! 10:58 PM -- Mon March 10, 2008  

I've said before that Mondays are for website work, and new feature ahoy! Players can now rate our games. You have to have an account to rate, which I feel like is kind of a cheap shot on my part - I'm sure it will bias things in my favor. I mean, after all, the people who bother to make a Dumb Account are the type to think highly of the games. But I really don't like when things can be used by anonymous internet folks. It rarely goes well. I'd hate to spend all my time deleting virtual graffiti. So if that means I have to settle for slightly biased reviews, well, that's my cross to bear.

If this system goes well, I'll expand it to cover the add-on worlds and fan art. I'm a little leery to do it, because I know there will be some hurt feelings as people make comments that aren't entirely friendly, but I will certainly moderate it heavily. Feel free to be harsh on my games if you want, though! Anyway, go check it out and get some ratings in there.
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  Sneak Peek: Happyponygate & Titan Tunnels 07:05 PM -- Thu March 6, 2008  

Today was artwork day. I'm going to get back to work on that tile editing program, but the emphasis for Thursdays is supposed to be 3D art, so I did just that:

This is the seedier side of London... The game begins with you heading down an alley (in order to railroad you through a couple key things before you can be set free on the world), so we've got dumpsters and trash cans. And yes, the trash in both is actually the stuffing from LL2 teddy bears! Then we've got the postbox and phone booth, both of which I researched on Google images! Then I took liberties with them. Phone booths are going to be a key component. I'm not entirely sure of their exact function yet, but since nobody else is in town, you need to interact with people somehow! Phone booths may relate to saving your game in a way, but since your progress is always saved as you go, I'm not quite sure what way. They will probably act as 'respawn points'. The mailbox is just decoration, though.

And of course, it's the Warrior for Loonyland 3! In case you are having a fit of hysterical blindness, he is very much based on the Bunny Knights from LL2. I know he's not all that exciting, but other characters will get more interesting. After all, he's the warrior. How much more generic can you get? I may actually go back after I've made some other characters and re-do him. There's an interesting different style I came up with for another game idea I had, kind of like living Weebles, which I might consider for these guys. But then again, this is a Loonyland game, it makes sense to look like LL2.

Plus, this way I can turn Tina Tsarina into a class. Gladiator, perchance? And I always liked Phileas' goggle look. He could be some kind of Engineer type. And of course, the guy whose name I can't remember who runs the Magic Box. And what about Healiana? She's all set to be some kind of healing class (Druid sounds about right - it's medieval for hippy).

Also, it is my theory that this Loonyland game will actually be titled Loonyland 3: Age Of Heroes. It fits into the Loonyland storyline in a fairly odd way, in that it takes place long before Loony came around, when the land had many heroes (hence your collection of assorted characters). I don't know that that's the right title, but it keeps running around in my head. I always knew the game wouldn't further the storyline any, but at least now it connects to it in a sense, instead of being some random side thing. It's actually inspired a very minor twist to how things will play out in the end. But very minor.
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  Biz: Good Article 01:18 AM -- Wed March 5, 2008  

Here's an article about the concept of 1,000 True Fans: Read me

I actually only kind of skimmed it so far. I need to read it more thoroughly, then read it again a few times. It speaks to exactly how I want to run my business, and how I inadvertently have. Not that I think I've got 1,000 people yet who fit the mold of True Fan, but I've got a bunch. The trick, and what I need to concentrate on, is not acquiring new fans (as nice as that is), but being fanworthy. Keeping my True Fans really interested and providing them lots of reasons to stay fully invested in Hamumudom. It's a very interesting thing to think about, and kind of a different angle on business - usually these things are focused on how you can capture people with ads or viral connections or whatever. I definitely like the idea of nurturing relationships with the true fans a lot more. Unlike marketing, it's something I can figure out! Maybe.
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  Supposed 07:21 PM -- Tue March 4, 2008  

Here is what I am supposed to be doing today: artwork, with an emphasis on tiles, as opposed to objects and characters. That's my new Tuesday job.

Here is what I am actually doing today: programming. But wait! It's appropriate! I decided I hate having to fire up my old computer to do artwork, and short of spending actual money on things, there's only one solution: make a tile editor! It's going to be a fun little project, that should be handy for world builders anyway, and will give me a lot more of the most useful tile-editing utilities than a standard paint program has. And I know trouble with creating tiles has been a very hot topic on the forums as everybody seems to have some problem or another. So this will be good all around.

I haven't actually written any code yet, so here I go...
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