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  Random Fun 11:25 PM -- Fri July 4, 2008  

Random Fun now available. Don't miss it!

In other news, I have spent the entire week on business issues (and driving to the airport, and other nonsense). Not touched Happyponygate since the weekend!

In other other news, this weekend is Mini-LD #2! 48 hours of madness as usual. The theme was just announced, and it is "The game of the movie" - as in, pick a movie, and make a game based on it. No ideas yet, time to go to the post office for thinking purposes. And maybe mailing things.
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  Yo Mama 03:56 AM -- Thu July 3, 2008  

Seriously. Your mama's so mathematical, she squeezes every shirt for nothing!

Try it and see! Sometimes, one does silly things while chatting.
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