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  Robot Wants Banner, Michael! 03:35 PM -- Tue November 30, 2010  

(That's an Arrested Development reference that we use around this house any time anybody ever uses the word banner for any reason. That's how stupid we are)

What will you see if you click that link? Who knows? It must be good, though.
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  Looking For Betatesteroni! 09:13 PM -- Sat November 27, 2010  

I am seeking beta testers for the jungle game! It's not nearly ready for testing, but I'm going to start early and push along through it, because I have to get it done as fast as possible! If you want to be a tester, send me an email telling me so (that's test #1... let's see who pulls it off). These are the criteria I will be employing this time around:

1. You have to be an upstanding Hamumu member - somebody who's already a member, not somebody who signs up just to do this, and somebody who has contributed to Hamumu in a good way. The more, the better your odds!

2. You have to have not been destructive and horrible to the Hamumu community. The more, the worse your odds!

3. I am going to bias towards picking people who haven't tested a bunch of stuff recently to give new people a chance.

4. I will only pick a few people, so don't think I'm calling you a destructive noobie if I don't pick you. I just want to have a couple testers - around 3, I think.

So, if you like jungles, astronauts, monkeys, and robotic fish, sign up! It'll just be real simple. The game will be available to you, you play it, and you tell me what is breaking horribly when you do! I'll pick in a few days, because this thing is moving fast.
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  Victory! 02:38 AM -- Thu November 25, 2010  

One of the games is actually complete! I'll let you know about it as soon as the site it was done for puts it up. It's the Robot-related game. You shall be amazed by its amazingness. Virtually all of the poem game is also done, but I'm rushing very fast to get the jungle game done. I think I talked about the schedule before, and how it had 5 days of free space. Well, I'm currently about 6 days behind, and I am stuck in Family Zone tomorrow and the next day, so no work for 2 whole days whether I want to or not. That's also how the last two days were before today. Four days this week, blown away into the winds!

But we did create a chocolate cake with homemade marshmallows on it. That was an amazing experience that was utterly impossible. Took 3 people 6 hours to complete it. Very gourmet. - GAZE UPON IT -

I wish I had the picture we took of it next to the magazine cover the recipe came from, because it's a clone! We did an amazing job on it, and I'm not sure how, but it was fun. And we did it because we felt like it. So voila. It's fun to create things. Tastes good too, but I was so stuffed by then I only handled half of a sliver.
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  Okay, Moltanem... 12:21 AM -- Fri November 19, 2010  

It really didn't turn out all that much like I wanted... but I do enjoy the way it walks (not pictured)!
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  Work In Progress 12:33 AM -- Thu November 11, 2010  

An astronaut with a monkey on his head firing a wiggly laser. I'm really happy with how the laser turned out. It's like your typical lightning effect, except bendy instead of jagged. I was just going to do plain old bullets, so I'm glad I went out on a limb to make a crazy beam instead. Even though I didn't have the time to waste.

This project has a deadline in December, and I'm frantically pounding away at it. I'm worried about it. I made a chart of the days between now and then, and I put the things I need to do to finish this game on it, and they just barely fit in with 5 days to spare. That worries me, since I've never gotten things done faster than I expected to...

As for the other three projects, one is really close now, the photograph-based one. Another, the Robot game, is even more close. In fact, it's done. There may still be broken things in it that need fixing, but it's done, and tested too, there's just a little bonus feature I had to add recently that hasn't been fully tested yet. I don't know when the site it belongs to will put it up, but I'll let you know. The fourth project, the personal one, is in the same state it was before - maybe 70% done, just missing levels and some menu stuff, but while I am hammering on this monkey astronaut deadline, it's sitting on the back burner (but the back burner that's closer to the front than the I.D.I.O.T. and other back burners. It's a big big stove in here, and I need to wait on some sous chefs for things like IDIOT and some others).
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  Project #4, Almost Out The Door 01:16 AM -- Fri November 5, 2010  

The fourth project I'm currently working on is basically done! It's being tested right now. Like a couple projects back, this is one that's not going to be on Hamumu, it's specifically for another site. VERY specifically, as you will find out when it's released. I will of course link you right to it when it happens, and you can enjoy!

It is, in fact, a Robot game. But it's non-canon. Just a little side adventure for him. There's other news for Robot in the future too, but I shall say no more. The series is over, as you know, but that doesn't mean Robot has died. As Jake once said, "Go then, there are other worlds than these." And some pretty exciting and different stuff for him.

So those are the four projects I'm actively working on. I'm also working on a non-game project, which is a writing tool (perhaps you didn't know I was the creator of Writing Prompts 2?). I'm also helping out with some of that future Robot stuff, but it's not my project, I'm just assisting. I also wish I was working on a Nanowrimo novel, but I'm way too busy. My wife is doing one though!
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  Everybody's* A Winner! 02:22 AM -- Tue November 2, 2010  

(*not actually everybody)

The Best Halloween Ever has come and gone once again! All the contests have been judged and voted on, and after back-breaking labor (seriously, my back hurts! Could be from sitting here all day), the results are finally out! Here are the winners:

Become Hamumuically Enrobed Costume Contest
First place in this contest was taken by Happystikbeaver with his Pumpkinstein outfit! Second place was .Blue Dwarf. as Robot Wants Candy. Third place was a tie between Moltanem2000 as Gaston Le Fleur, and Seamonkey as a Crazy Bush. The costume contest is always my favorite thing to see. Check out the entries yourself at the link just above.

Bits Help Everybody Avatar Bit Contest
In this contest, the top 3 vote-getters all won equally: Yerfbucks, their avatar bit being available in the Yerfshop, and a free copy of their (overpriced) creation. Those winners are: .Blue Dwarf. again, with his Fire Axe, Pizza with his Plastic Pitchfork, and Redbone with his Great Pumpkin.

Build Halloween Environments Costume Party Level Contest
If you want to see the entries in this contest, just play Costume Party, and do a search for level name "BHE". There were two divisions. Division 1 allowed the creator to use any tiles they wanted. Division 2 limited you to only the original tiles, no expansions allowed. In both divisions, the winner was SpaceManiac! Second place in Division 1 was a tie between Blackduck and Happystikbeaver. In Division 2, second place was Moltanem and third place was again Happystikbeaver who apparently was the big winner overall this Halloween!

And lastly, we have the Best Halloween Ever event itself! This was just an opportunity for people to create surprises (of any kind!) for everyone on Hamumu to enjoy, and get rewarded by me based on my own whims and whiles. If you entered this, visit your Dumb Page to see how much you won. I am too lazy to list all the people who submitted things, but I think every single one of them posted a link to their surprise in that thread I just linked, so go in there and check them out! There are a whole lot of Gamemaker and Flash games, a short story, some pictures, some Supreme worlds, and even the first ever Sleepless Hollow add-on. I think we had ...14 entries? Something close to that. Check em out if you didn't yet!

So there it is! In addition to all that, I may have posted this yesterday, but there are also a pile of Supreme add-ons that got released (including of course Halloween Horror 11), and even a Loonyland 2 add-on. Now except for the fact that I have to write the newsletter, I can finally rest! This has been an exhausting few days. I ARE WINNER!
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  Best Halloween Ever! 02:28 AM -- Mon November 1, 2010  

Don't forget that today is the Best Halloween Ever, and you can click here to see what kind of surprises people have in store for you (except some are probably scattered elsewhere around the Forum, so search away).

The closest thing I have to a BHE surprise to offer you is other peoples' work - enjoy the latest edition of Halloween Horror, with 4 worlds in it, on our Add Ons page! In addition, there are 3 other Supreme add-ons on there, and once I finish writing this, I'll be posting up an LL2 add-on as well!

So be spooky and celebrate away! The results of the various B.H.E. contests will be posted tomorrow, so make sure you get your votes in tonight in all their polls if you haven't done so yet. Besides, looking at costumes and playing Costume Party are very appropriate Halloween activities anyway! And save the Great Pumpkin one last time before he goes away for the year!
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  Project #3 - M.H.D. 02:21 AM -- Mon November 1, 2010  

Well, the third of the projects I'm working on right now is one I won't actually give you much of anything about... It's actually very far along, pretty close to done except for laying out levels. Unlike the other things I'm doing lately, this one is very personal, and it is in fact (by my definition) a pretentious art game. Or at least as close to such as I ever plan to get. The other game earlier that people were describing as such is totally not - it's a straight-up comedy. This one... well, you'll have to see this one to understand what it's about. No screens shall be shown, no hints of content shall be given. All you know for now is that it's a game that comes from my heart in multiple ways, it's a flash game, and the title is abbreviated M.H.D. And no, you're not gonna guess right at all, so I would say don't bother trying, but you'll try anyway!

I don't know when this will be out, since my other projects are specifically for people who need them, while this one is just my own thing. I gotta meet my deadlines!

Pardon the lack of interesting info there, but I said I'd tell you a little something about each project, and that's what I've got about this one!
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