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  BHE Reviews incoming! 01:59 PM -- Fri September 30, 2016  

[First, the forums are still down. Still no ETA, still haven't even started any work on them. I know. It's just how my life is these days!]

As many of you know, every year for many years now I have reviewed a horror movie a day throughout October. It's fun. I likes it. But each year I try to do something a little different with it. And this year, I was surprised to discover my wife was interested in being involved. So what we have for you this year is something entirely new: my wife and I will both watch a movie each day together, and then we'll be interviewing each other about it! It's kinda weird, but it comes with a drawing by my wife, so it's fun. I'll be posting my interviews of her on this website, and she'll be posting her interviews of me on her blog, SoloRien. I'll be linking each day if you want to keep up with the whole thing.

In honor of this auspicious month, I've also modified the site a bit so you can post comments on the journal unregistered. So share your own thoughts!

I'll try to give you a day of warning so you can watch the movie too, as per usual we are going to be spoiling it to high heaven. Especially with this interview format, we need to be free to talk about all the parts of the movie. So if you'd like to watch along (it shouldn't be too hard: nearly everything we watch is available on either Netflix or Hulu... er, at least in the USA it is), prepare yourself tonight with our first film: Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

Happy Halloween!
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  Cheap games! 04:02 PM -- Mon September 5, 2016  

Hey, I just reduced the prices on all our games by a totally insane amount. The $20 games are now $5 games, Supreme is now $10, and others are even cheaper. Except for Mia's Happy Day, but that's a charity thing, come on dude. This is a permanent change. Enjoy cheap old games that have a hard time running on modern hardware!

And yes, the forum is still down, so you can't actually sign in to make purchases like this go into your Dumb Account if you're not logged in right now... sorry! One thing at a time I guess (and as usual, that one thing is more Growtopia updates).
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