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Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. So, since 2011, I have spent the entire month of October every year reviewing a horror movie each day. I've changed formats many times over the years, and in the past few years, I've even been joined by my wife Solee, as well as the occasional guest. We've got text, drawings, video reviews, audio reviews... we got it all! Wanna check out our reviews? Look below, or use the menu to the left to dig deeper!
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  Hamumu Halloween Home Horror Hoedown #8 - The Stuff 03:40 PM -- Thu October 11, 2012  

Marshmallow creme is actually a naturally occurring geological resource. Who would've thought?

So, I find marshmallow creme a bit off-putting in the same way Cadbury Creme Eggs are, and yet it has a certain appeal, just like the eggs. A self-loathing sort of appeal. Do you eat candies that simultaneously repulse and attract you? I don't think I usually do. I hope you appreciate me buying that tub for you for this episode! Now my wife has to eat it. She likes THE STUFF.
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