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Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. So, since 2011, I have spent the entire month of October every year reviewing a horror movie each day. I've changed formats many times over the years, and in the past few years, I've even been joined by my wife Solee, as well as the occasional guest. We've got text, drawings, video reviews, audio reviews... we got it all! Wanna check out our reviews? Look below, or use the menu to the left to dig deeper!
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  Belittling Horror Excessively: The Den 12:03 AM -- Mon October 6, 2014  


This is a movie told entirely through webcams and phone cameras (used in the most unrealistic way imaginable, like somebody just walking up to their neighbor's house with their phone camera held out and filming as they visited), about a woman who for some reason is given a grant to just sit on a fictitious equivalent of ChatRoulette for a month straight or something. Of course, somebody uses it to stalk and potentially kill her. Realistic Youtube comments ensue.

The most fun thing about this entire movie is that almost all the computer stuff is completely realistic. There are absolutely horrid youtube comments, she downloads a trial version of some software to use it once, and Google street view gets used, among all sorts of other little things (like the kind of awful people you find on stuff like ChatRoulette). Of course, on the flip side, some hacker can control the main character's computer and make it turn on and start filming her when she's asleep, so it's not exactly documentary material.

Overall though, it's completely silly, and impossible to suspend your disbelief for all the ways cameras get used. At one point, a camera is dropped at a crime scene, and later bagged and taken into evidence and we continue to watch it as it's picked up and carried around and pointed exactly at what it's supposed to be, filming through the plastic bag. As found footage goes, I think this movie actually goes more insane with the usage of cameras than any I've seen before. You can't take it seriously.

So in the end, this movie earns 2 out of 5 Series Of Tubeses, and delivers a body count of 6, I think. It's pretty absurd as a story, with a halfway fun twist/explanation at the end, and the most fun you get out of it is the silly/realistic internet stuff in it. It probably would've worked better as a comedy, actually!

There wasn't much of anything I found drawable about this movie, so I just drew some sort of "network" as inspired by this movie being about computer networks.
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