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  Robot Wants Updates 05:23 PM -- Thu November 15, 2018  

Long time no see! We are in the ... the home stretch??? ... of Robot Wants It All. If it is the home stretch, you should warm up first because it is looking to be a long stretch. At this point, Robot Wants Ice Cream is nearly 100% (the original that is - we still need to make Easy and Remix maps for it), and Robot Wants Justice is maybe 40% or so. Those were the last two games, so we can see the end in sight. There's a lot of fiddly bits, achievements, and bonuses to go.

I made this great schedule which had us finishing on November 20th. That schedule is currently completely covered in red ink. But there was a big stall on both of those games for a while, and now those are both making great progress, so maybe the schedule isn't so much too quick for us to meet, it just needed a big gap before it started. Maybe? If so, we're about a month from launch. But in all honesty that's unlikely. I would love a 2018 release for this game, but like every game ever made, it just glides right along deadlines like a greased Ash Penguin. Speaking of which, here they are:

Now the thing with that picture that really frustrates me is that I ran into some crazy color-space issues creating it! I have NEVER encountered this before, but the picture you see above is much brighter and more washed-out than the actual game, and I tried a whole bunch of different settings and a lot of googling to fix it, and... well, I could take a new shot and darken it artificially to get the right thing, but then I don't know if that'll come up dark on some peoples' screens. It's all about the browser using color space info. I don't know what on earth it's doing. Or why it decided to do it just today. I've been posting screenshots for quite a few years! I know color space is a thing, but ah... I digress. You can download the image and view it outside the browser if you really want to see correct colors (or maybe it is correct on your screen, maybe it's just my browser).

The point is: the game looks darker and more colorful than that. But hey, those are Ash Penguins which live in a volcano! Also, it's Robot exploding from their attack. You'll see that a lot when playing.

Back to work on that. I'll try to keep more updates coming at a reasonable pace because exciting stuff is indeed happening. The first boss in Robot Wants Justice is done, as well as what you might call the second boss, but, well, you'll see when you play it.
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