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  Belated Groundhog 12:49 AM -- Sat February 4, 2006  

Happy belated groundhog's day! Definite shadow here - yesterday was the first day since November that I opened up the windows and let the world come in. Tomorrow we are hosting a groundhog's day party. We are also hosting two dogs for a while, until a new owner can be found. My fingers are firmly crossed that the owner won't turn out to be us. Please! We have too many pets! Including a fish that still won't quite die.

I worked on a Supreme patch today. I have a timeslot set up for that now, friday afternoons. So maybe by next friday it will be ready. I don't know though. The only thing of any notable interest (i.e. not a bug fix) is that there's now a meter showing the progress of the loading on the World Select screen. Whee!!

The final spell is now in for Loonyland 2. It's a cool one, but after I had spent two hours creating the art for it and implementing it, I suddenly realized that it's almost identical to one of the non-spell skills. Wish I had thought of that sooner. Still, it's not quite the same, and one relies on you being focused in magic, while the other very much requires you to focus on your Throwing skills before it is very powerful. But it's kinda lame anyway, so I make seek a way to replace the Throwing version with something else. Probably not though, it sounds fun, and it has its own little twists. So that's in, and all of the special powers that magic items can have are in, so things are looking good. Yay!
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