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  It's work! 10:55 PM -- Mon April 10, 2006  

No longer vacation. Got 2 new Dumb puzzles ready to go today (not putting them up yet! A couple more will join them). One is actually new work, the other was just setting up a puzzle that someone sent in to me. I do enjoy that, feel free to send me some!

Also, Toonyland work. See the Sneak Peek page for the first sneak peek since the Carter administration. Not much of a shot, but of interest if you're the RPG type. It's looking more fun all the time!

That's the latest news. Taxes are finished and submitted, and fingers are crossed that we didn't trigger an IRS death squad (we did our own taxes for the first time). I believe it's mostly random where they send the death squads, but there are some specific triggers as well. The tax system is absolutely absurd. It really needs to go. Why was buying a $70 computer program (that is only valid for the current year) the cheap, do-it-yourself option? The government wants my money, why don't they tell me how much they want? Not that I'd trust them, but that's a separate issue. You know, there's all kinds of issues with a flat tax, issues with a federal sales tax, issues with every possible new kind of tax. But I'll tell you this, there is no tax system that could be as bad as what we have now. So just do something new!! NOW! If taxes were so simple that humans could do them, our economy would be 7853%* more efficient overnight, although the CPA homeless problem would be something to contend with, I suppose.

* precisely!
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