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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland II: Winter Woods 08:51 PM -- Thu May 11, 2006  

Look, it's the first real boss in the game, Klonk! The brown stump is what happens when a tree gets between him and you. There's a lot of shrapnel that flies when he smashes trees, so you need to hide when he does that. Of course, it's also bad if he smashes you. There a couple mini-bosses before Klonk, but they are just recolored regular badguys.

Directly behind Klonk is another new enemy that I don't believe I have shared before. It's a Sock Monkey. They're quite dangerous really.

A lot of progress has been made since last we peeked. Everything is still very early-game stuff. You can level up to level 50 in this game, and the content in so far is good to about level 10. But there's more than there was by far. There are now wondrous chests to find (but you can't open them yet, since beating Klonk is how you get the first of the special keys needed), several hiding spots for the Great Guru, and a few new maps and quests. So, I better go put Klonk where he belongs and finish up the quest involving him. It's about time special keys and chests and doors were implemented!
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