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  Ninja Time! 12:57 AM -- Sat December 8, 2007  

I wanted to try out the screen capture program I got, and I wanted to try out Youtube. So I looked around for something to put up a video of, and I discovered Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time! It's dead. I don't think it will ever be worked on again, but there's some slim slim hope in there, because it's definitely a really cool game. Check out the video and see for yourself. The song is from Ninja Academy. It seemed appropriate. Also, enjoy the chatroom noises at the beginning.

In case you didn't know much about this game, it's an upgraded version of Ninja Academy, which was a mini game I made for a 1-button game contest. Yes, this game is controlled entirely with a single button (well, the menus are mouse controlled, but the gameplay is one-button).

And there's a "surprise" twist at the end! Actually, it's about what you'd expect from a defunct game.
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