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  First Snow 10:23 PM -- Sun December 9, 2007  

Well, it's the first snow of the season! As I write this, there is none left and it's very sunny out, but we had quite a bit of snow for a while.

Look at that - the whole mountain is snow! I'm a Californian, I'm used to seeing snow on the tops of mountains, but it shouldn't be on the rest! As you can see below that, our yard was quite snowified as well. And that's our propane tank, which is now sadly draining away, heating our house. I resist as long as I can, but eventually, you gotta avoid dying of hypothermia.

The other funny thing is that the dogs hate rain and hide in their doghouse all day when it rains, but they love snow and run around in it all day. Mia will even go roll in snow when there's still some left in the shadow of the house and the rest of the yard is dry.
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