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  Vote Hamumu! 08:17 PM -- Mon December 10, 2007  

Here's what I want for my birthday (today, by the way!). It's a simple present, so pay up! Go to GameTunnel's Game Of The Year Poll, and slap down a vote for Loonyland 2! So far it has a big zero votes (Even I have been too lazy to do it, but I'll do it right after this post, okay?). These polls are really dumb. As an example of how dumb they are, last time I looked, Wonderland Adventures had some tiny number of votes (not sure how many, just that it was unremarkable. Probably a single digit). Today, I see 43 votes on it at the moment, making it the Best Game Ever. Now you know the difference between yesterday and today is that the author of that game has stuffed the ballot box. He made a post on his forum or newsletter or something, asking his customers to vote, and they did. Sound familiar? Yeah, let's stomp him!! But by the way, that game is pretty cool too, I've reviewed it.

So it's all a farce. I guess you could call it a measure of who has the most dedicated fans... sort of... but it's definitely not a legitimate survey of which games people find the best. But hey, make it a farce where I come in a distant twentieth instead of dead last!

Oh, and by the way, feel free to vote for a different game if you like it better. It's no skin off of any of my facial features at all. Also by the way, you will need to register on that forum to vote. But it is my birthday, is it really so hard? (puppy dog eyes activated)
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